Lifestyle Accessories for the Geek

Lifestyle Accessories for the Geek

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Here is a list of home accessories that will satisfy your inner geek. Geek Pillows, geek doormats, geek curtains, we got them all!

We will start off with cushions then…

If you are using a Mac, you will recognise the icon set immediately. The icon collection from Throwboy helps you get a little closer to your computer! Here’s the maker’s version:

We know your computer is more than a tool. It’s a constant companion, a friend. A gateway to the great heights of “risqué.” The hub to your very life and existence. But we think it should be more. It should be snuggled close to you as you sleep and clutched tightly in your clammy hands during that especially gruesome scene in The Ring. And, since polycarbonate and aluminum hardly lend themselves to cuddly-comfort, we’ve got the solution.

Judging by the demand they have more on their way:

Here is another cushion that prints out the directory listing in DOS.

*If you look carefully, you will find a Trojan.exe listed too. ;)

Are we done with pillows yet? No chance! This pillow by Offline shirts tries to emphasize your ‘non-geekiness’.

But we are not completely sure it is sending out the right signals!

Check out the music playing pillow by Think Geek [Via]

You tuck your iPod (or other audio player) inside the pillow and listen to the music through the internal speaker. As an extra feature, the buttons on the pillow actually work, providing volume control and the means to switch between your player and the built-in FM radio. The MP3 Pillow is $19.95 and comes in blue, pink and white.

Feeling stressed out after a rough day? Try the Hearbeat pillow from Think Geek that vibrates with a special rhythmic heart beat to calm your nerves. Now we have seen them all!

From cushions to ASCII art curtains…

Designer Carlo Jorges has found a new way to decorate wall: Using images from the online photo sharing community – Flickr.

The roller connected to a computer by cable can paint surfaces with the images downloaded from Flickr. All you need to do is press Go! [Via]

We have heard ‘There is no place like home’. But ‘No place like your IP address’. Come, on guys! Another product from Think Geek!

You know you are a geek when your dolls are geek. Check out Art Lebedev‘s Matryoshka Dolls and you will never confuse your bits and bytes again.


Want to show your geeky side to your guests? Serve them coffee on this set by MOD Design and they will get the hint.

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