Philippe Starck designs Kitchens for Warendorf

Philippe Starck designs Kitchens for Warendorf

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Philippe Starck is a name to reckon with.

Impressing the world with the interiors of the François Mitterrand house, he went on to create innumerable marvels in the design world. From motor bikes to toothbrushes, Starck has designed them all. He has won countless accolades some of which include, the prestigious Oscar du luminaire, Delta de la Plata awards, Good design Award and Prix d’excellence Marie Claire Maison.

His newest collection includes a set of kitchen ideas that are now being introduced byWarendorf, which was formerly known as Miele DIE KÃœCHE.

With four sets that are as different from each other as chalk and cheese, these kitchens inspire healthy living in people. His ‘Tower’ design allows a 340 degree rotation for easy availability and functionality of kitchen equipments while the ‘Library’ design combines culture and food in domestic life.

The ‘Duality’ kitchen gets its name from the two way accessibility portals while the ‘Primary’ design brings some color into the otherwise bland color scheme.

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