Green Kitchens

Green Kitchens

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After a set of red, brown, black and white and orange kitchens, here is a post dedicated to green kitchens. These kitchens inspire healthy living, not only because of their subtle hues but also because of their designs.

The color green signals wealth, prosperity and growth. What better place to install them in than areas dedicated to good food and fine dining!

This collection showcases the work of some brilliant designers who have worked and produced rich designs before. Peep below for some more.

Picture courtesy, Hanssem.

Courtesy Perene

Pictures by Mint Value Kitchens.

By Cameraphotodigital

By Mobalpa.

By Valcucine

By Fevzi Karaman

We also compiled some of our other favorite kitchens into a youtube video: Kitchen Designs. You can also watch it here:

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