Futuristic Interiors of a Bank in Madrid, Spain

Futuristic Interiors of a Bank in Madrid, Spain

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YDreams is a company focusing on developing full scale interactive environments combining technology,design and augmented reality. We came across their work recently and have really been impressed with the way they tackled their latest challenge which was to develop a visitor’s center for the Spanish bank Ciudad Grupo Santander. The brief given to them was to make it reflect the bank’s position as a leader in technology and innovation. The results they have come up with look stunning. With multi lingual robots to guide you around the place and touch screen walls displaying financial information, the place looks straight out of a sci-fi flick.

Video and pictures follow…

(If you are reading this through email, visit this link to view the video: 2010/04/bank-interior-design

We checked out Ydreams’ Youtube channel and noticed that have done several other eye catching projects. Watch these if you have some time to kill.


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