Serene Getaway House in the Forest

Serene Getaway House in the Forest

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The Allandale House isn’t your typical forest cottage. Designed by William O’Brien Jr., Assistant Professor of Architecture at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning and is principal of an independent design practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Allandale House is a modern serene getaway home in the forest.

Based on the classic A-frame, the extreme modern version of the cabin was constructed for an idiosyncratic connoisseur and her family. The vacation home is small, but contains enough storage space for collections of rare artifacts, books, wines, and stuffed animals, including forest dwelling elk and birds.

The house links together three A-frames of varying size. Although small, the house manages to encompass two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms in addition to living, kitchen and dining areas. The modernized cabin also manages to take into consideration the unusual proportions of asymmetry, while still allowing plenty of visible storage space as well as luxury amenities including a library, wine cellar and garage.

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