Bizarre House Inside A Hill

Bizarre House Inside A Hill

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This Swiss home embedded in the hills of Vals Switzerland was a joint venture by Christian Müller Architects and SeARCH. Iwan Baan has photographed this stunning home and will take you on an adventure through the awesome Alpine landscapes and into this brilliantly unique home.
The motivation behind this masterpiece was to make it inconspicuous and furthermore unrecognizable as a residence in effort to compliment neighbor and Europe’s biggest Alpine Thermal Bath, Wellness Center and Spa which parallels the Villa along these mountainous Alps. Hence the reason it was built into the hills but if you ask us, this home stands out and up to the tallest villas in this village. Have a look!

The cylindrical shape of the courtyard at Villa Vas gives the facade optimal surface area to invite natural light in with wall to wall windows on the main floor.

A stone walkway takes you to the main entrance of the home inside of a small hut.

A long corridor takes you into the rest of the home and its beautiful simplicity.

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