Russian Web Company Yandexs Offices

Russian Web Company Yandexs Offices

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Search giant Google, social networking behemoth Facebook and chirpy microblogging site Twitter may all have great digs, but if you think that the only tech companies that have cool offices reside in the silicon valley you couldn’t be more wrong. Take a look at Russian search engine company Yandex’s offices and you will see what we mean. Created by Za Bor Architects, the space offers interesting focal points and perspectives all through. Considering that this is indeed the company’s fourth office within the country, you could be forgiven for believing their IPOing rumours.

The architectural designers wanted to evoke a cool calm and casual atmosphere that enhanced the computer geek squad’s organic nature and sense of humanity. So they used a whole lot of wood and cork and while keeping most spaces minimal, used fun furniture and played upon the shapes, forms and texture of the walls and ceilings. Walking through the space and seeing the diagonal doorways and blackened ceilings gives the offices an Alice n Wonderland feeling where objects and spaces are not as big and tall as they appear- or maybe they are, but we can imagine it keeps things in the office interesting…

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