Modern Living Rooms from the Far East

Modern Living Rooms from the Far East

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Inspiration from the land of dragons and emperors! Today we are featuring some living room designs from Pinchen Design, a Chinese based designer whose rooms exude comfort and luxury. Using texture, pattern and colour the rooms have been designed with real application in mind.It might be hard to pick a favourite!

The warmth of natural timbers and leather result in a welcoming living room. With the open fire on it would be a haven in winter.

East meets West in this living room.

Luxurious and beautiful but would you risk red wine in this living room?

Two identical rooms with different finishes.
Dark, moody and filled with texture, this room has a grandness about it.

A cool contemporary living space with clean lines and smooth surfaces. The upholstered wall adds a softness to the room.

A nice blend of homely comfort and a touch of opulence, a very inviting living room.

Masculine and broody.

A retro feel with a contemporary twist. The tulip style chairs and lime green hark back to groovier times but paired with stark white and contemporary light fittings it becomes crisp and stylish.

Chic country design, (with a brown leather chair for the male of the house perhaps?)

Funky light fitting and interesting feature wall

The swirls in the rug complement the flamboyant light fitting, contrasting beautifully with the striped wallpaper.

Pattern on pattern, this is how its done.

Glamour at its over the top best.

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