Spectacular Villa Overlooking the Swiss Alps and Lake Maggiore

Spectacular Villa Overlooking the Swiss Alps and Lake Maggiore

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In 2002, Swiss architects Stefano Foni Gueli and Fausto began the construction of cubic villa on Lake Maggiore. The concrete villa was completed by 2003. Its flat roof and glass façade combined with concrete construction unite the best of classical modernism in an intricate U-shaped floor plan design. From a side, the building appears as two different buildings connected by a glazed entrance hall which serves as a link between the east and the west wings. The east, “public”, side of the building is plastered bright white and transparent; it overlooks the harbor in Ascona, while the “private” southwest side opens to the garden and small forest. While the metal and concrete materials of the building add an industrial quality to the villa, the wooden interiors serve as a transition to the spectacular views of the countryside, Lake Maggiore and the Swiss Alps.

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