Carrara House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

Carrara House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

The beautiful Carrara House in Pilar, Argentina, was designed by Andres Remy Arquitectos; the home stands two stories high with the walls constructed almost entirely of huge windows that bathe the interior in bright natural light, and let the outside positively flood in.

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The seating area also looks out through a low window, reminiscent of a fireplace, towards the entrance steps; we guess in an open sociable space like this, it’s probably useful to keep an eye out for approaching feet of party guests!

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To continue the inside-outside feel, the architect has included a decorative indoor pool as part of a large yet understated water feature which reflects an adjacent pool out on the patio; a waterfall against a transparent pane of glass cascades all the way from the second floor, where the ceiling is cut away to reveal the upper living space, and a row of plants breathe greenery into the home, reflecting the garden beyond.

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One of the three dining areas of this home floats in the stark white living space, where diners can enjoy the garden and pool views, whilst a lounge area with modern chairs in a warm pop of red provides an area to retire and enjoy the interior waterfall as the evening draws in.

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A monochrome contemporary bedroom is lifted with a splash of red.

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A stripe of green adds edge to a simple white kitchen scheme

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