Industrial Loft Apartment in Kiev

Industrial Loft Apartment in Kiev

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This sprawling loft interior located in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Thank Balbek of design studio 2B Group, is rich in bold industrial character and bold style statements. The studio battled throughout the challenging design project to prove that concrete could be warm, wood could be smooth and metal could be soft.

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At the height of trendy loft living, the three level penthouse with a total space of 380sqm, enjoys open plan lounging and kitchen areas, and even the master bathroom is wide open to the sleeping quarters-thankfully the toilet is tucked away though! The designers tell us, “In order to hide the master bedroom toilets, authors invented a mobile wooden box stylized as a large parcel. All in neutral colors except for red and green oxidized copper sheets serving as hidden shelf facades.”

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The top floor of the apartment is home to a huge rooftop terrace that enjoys panoramic views from a generous sun deck, a fire pit seating zone with handmade plank benches., or from a glass walled pavilion in more wintry weather.

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The kids bedroom takes on a cartoonists studio appeal, with fun illustrations strewn across every wall; the look continues in the bathroom where humorous, urban graffiti is tagged on cool concrete.

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A green wall of plants grows vertically through the home, to bring the softness of nature into the manmade environment, running from the living-dining space down to the lower floor containing the lounge-home office space, plus the secondary living area that leads to the spacious master bedroom.

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