Marvelous Mexican Penthouse

Marvelous Mexican Penthouse

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On the 15th floor of a 1970s Mexican colonial style building, the PPDG Penthouse, designed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos, positively pops with vibrant red gloss finishes against a fresh white backdrop. The old construction of columns and slabs, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, provided the perfect basis for the elimination of walls to create one overall expanse of living space filled with light via a new installation of large, frameless windows.

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The brief was to create a modern space whilst remaining respectful to the original architecture, which presented the conundrum of how to develop the facade with a contemporary feel without ruining the romance of the building; the end solution was to respect the ceilings, only adding a light white canopy that would not compete with the existing elements.

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Jorge Méndez Blake’s mural adds dimension to the plain living area; texture has been favored over pattern in this home, and the various changes in surface composition plays with light to great effect.

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Moveable screens were installed in the center of the master bedroom to allow the space to be divided into two sleeping areas when required.

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The kitchen is partially screened from the lounge area beyond a stretch of bright red units, whilst a run of white cabinets separates the hallway stairs and elevator. A second elevator was intended for the finished project, but instead, a cloakroom was created with a glass floor that looks straight down the 15-story drop!

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