Singapore Flat Multifunctional Makeover

Singapore Flat Multifunctional Makeover

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This interior Singapore before and after makeover was sent to us by chief designer Stanley Tham, of KNQ Associates, who tells us: The owner of this 550 sq ft one-bedroom HDB apartment located in the heart of town is a successful lady who had stayed here since childhood. Currently staying together with her mother, she finally found the timing right to give her home a rejuvenation after so many years.

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(Above: Lounge ‘Before’)
The desired result of the overhaul was to create a chic and functional ‘semi-bachelorette pad’-despite not exactly living alone¬-which would reflect the owner’s personal style and form a cozy retreat to come back to after a hectic working day.

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Each piece of furniture was customized to ensure more than one purpose was served; a tall storage unit conceals a tangle of electric cables as well as forming a quirky light source over an adjoining shoe bench, which doubles as occasional guest seating.

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The living area also houses a mirrored wall that makes the room appear much bigger than its actual modest proportions, and bounces light around the flat.

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An aqua blue and yellow color play was devised to prevent the apartment from appearing too feminine, and bring a cool freshness to the once dowdy setting. Stylish accessories and unusual fabrics were layered in to add life and fun to the space.

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(Above: Kitchen ‘Before’)

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Colors have been kept minimal in the kitchen so that the continuity of tone will project a more expansive illusion of space.

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(Above Below: Bedroom ‘Before’)

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The utility room has been transformed into an office-cum-recreation room with a day bed/guest bed.

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