A Room Decorated In Two Distinct Styles

A Room Decorated In Two Distinct Styles

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Heres a little something that we dont see too often: two distinct décor styles defined over the same interior space, providing two opposing design strategies for the same room layouts. This is the exciting work of Russian designer Vyacheslav Koretsky, and we love the jarring contrast of ideas going all the way from one end of the spectrum to the other.

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We begin with a youthful look, smoothed out in cool gray painted walls complete with huge Manga style murals.

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Modern accessories flank the walls to add class to the comic art, whilst the nearby home office space remains clear, light and bright.

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At the opposite end of the scale, we see the same home decorated in a far more deep and sumptuously sophisticated lounge décor, bathed in a chocolate brown textured wallcovering, and accented in a lunar theme through moon wall art and twin celestial lamps.

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A gallery of landscape art provides pinpricks of colorful light and lift to the heavy scheme, and contrasting sofa unholstery and cushions provides plenty of interest to the snug space.

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The mature look continues through into a home office with complimentary dark storage cabinets and wood bark texturing.

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