Traditional Little Girls Rooms

Traditional Little Girls Rooms

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After seeing their beautifully designed boys rooms, we just had to do a feature on the pretty ideas found in the traditional girls rooms featured on RHBabyChild too. These are surely the play spaces that little girls dreams are made of!

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An adorable take on the sleepover trundles these mini teepees provide the perfect place for late night chatting and games.

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If your little one dreams of princesses and palaces then this cream and delicate pink scheme of frills and fancy will suit her down to the ground. French style furniture with a shabby chic finish gives this space an established look, as though this castle has been housing mini royalty for hundreds of years.

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This scheme takes the princess theme to the extreme by implementing a giant crown above the bed as a canopy topper, which is sure to thrill. The metallic crown is complimented by a cluster of antique style pendant lights that are left to hang low for added drama and sparkle.

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Taking on a slightly more country cute look, these rooms adopt a simpler furniture silhouette with understated accessories.

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Lilac and white is a refreshing feminine color palette if pink is not their favorite thing.

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