Crisp and Contemporary Home Designs

Crisp and Contemporary Home Designs

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Bringing you more sparkling gems of modern home design from Polish firm Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura, we offer you this selection of chic schemes to kit out every room in your house with cutting edge contemporary style.

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We love how the tone of this living room suite plays on the soft wood tone of the dining room seating beyond, and how the subtlety of the hue is given a blast of edge by being teamed up with heavy black base notes in the contrasting dining table and imposing lounge standing lamp.

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The masculine straight lines in this kitchen layout are given a feminine kick with accents of lipstick red.

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The natural materials in this bathroom play beautifully against each other, leaving little need for pomp and fancy, and therefore the fixtures and fittings are kept understated, sleek and secondary.

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In this bathroom a piece of wall art takes center stage, creating a focal pointing the gentle scheme.

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The color story spanning this vast lounge plays along with the ruddy hues of the exposed brick wall rather than fighting against it.

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A floating staircase allows light and views to flow unobstructed through a narrow hallway space.

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Plain walls have been softened in this space with the introduction of soft voiles that run the entire distance between windows, rather than only edging them.

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