A Hipster Loft!

A Hipster Loft!

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Looking as though a half crazed artist has just stormed out of this building in a creative frenzy, this hipster loft from BB Italia is brimming with colorful imagination and eccentric flair.

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The red and purple passion spills out into the lounge area by way of an oversized L-shaped grape sofa and funky footstools.

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Mismatched chairs give a devil may care look to the space, yet the colors and scale are notably sympathetic to one another.

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Even the tableware gets a colorful eclectic look in mismatched yet complimentary hues.

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This contemporary table, complete with acid yellow legs gives an edgy look to the corner of the room with its irregular shape.

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A little oasis of chic is created in this relaxation and reflection area with the installation of a modern cream chaise lounge chair – ideal for coming up with ideas for the next artistic masterpiece!

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The asymmetrical line of this bookcase keeps the visual fresh and unexpected.

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Things are toned down in the bathroom where a more moody atmosphere takes over in darker shades and heavier lines. A singular sleek chrome standpipe peeps over an industrial looking bathtub lit from the floor by sunken LED lighting.

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In the bedroom, a clash of purple bedstead and red bedcovers create a passionate palette to warm the cold concrete walls.

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