White Studio Apartments

White Studio Apartments

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There is nothing fresher than a brilliant white studio apartment, where sunlight is free to bounce off every wall, and every accessory color and furniture covering just works. Of course, a plain white apartment is always in danger of appearing either too bland or too fragmented with no cohesive color story to follow, so were looking at a few beautiful layouts that get it just right.

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This compact studio apartment packs in an art collection propped along a picture ledge to breathe life into the laid-back lounge space.

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The design supplies added interest in the bright white kitchen area with open shelving to display attractive kitchen paraphernalia and cookbooks.

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A little sparkle goes a long way in adding a splash of glamour, and this modern chandelier finds a perfect central spot over the dining table.

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This combined bedroom/bathroom is super sleek with its bold layout of centrally situated bathtub and twin basins.

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Above 7 via Juraj Talcik
A combination of different textures adds depth to a continuous color palette.

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Via 3D Arc Space
This white-based apartment creates a color story with cleverly spaced home accessories, such as throw cushions, wall paintings, floral arrangements and even fruit. The red choices really inject a lot of warmth into the otherwise cool hues, and bring an overall more vibrant finish.

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Books color the scene in this home library backed open space, along with a complimenting rug.

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