Small Spaces: A 40 square meter (430 square feet) Apartment [Visualization]

Small Spaces: A 40 square meter (430 square feet) Apartment [Visualization]

This interior visualization, by Polish firm Pressenter Design, depicts the challenge of decorating a forty square meter (430 sq ft) flat, with the intended use of a mother with a 6-year-old daughter. The home was designed with particular attention to the growing needs of a child at the very beginning their school life who would need a comfortable place to study, whilst also remembering that her mother would require a relaxation space in which to unwind after a hectic day at work.

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Because of the modest dimensions of this layout, the study space has been located along one side of the living room, complete with storage cupboards to conceal books, files and supplies. An extra long desk has been installed to allow both family members to use the workspace at any one time.

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A low lying media cabinet does not encroach on the space with its sleek proportions, and a matching low-slung coffee table threads the rich wood hues through the centre of the room.

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In the kitchen the white and dark wood color story continues in the units and worktops. A small dining table keeps the food out of the living area for quick clean up.

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In the bathroom, the sanitary ware and storage float around the perimeter to create the illusion of extra floor space.

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