Modern Townhome in Bangkoks Fashion District

Modern Townhome in Bangkoks Fashion District

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Located in Bangkoks Fashion District in the new Siamese Blossom residential complex, this breathtaking open plan townhome was envisioned to allow tenants to coexist with the natural surroundings highlighted with beautifully landscaped gardens. To facilitate this interaction with nature, the townhome is designed with walls of windows opening to the outdoors. The main area of the home boasts an open floor plan with a soaring two-story ceiling which encloses a large living area, dining room and kitchen on the first floor. The second floor features two bedrooms, a home office and a luxurious bath. The home is decorated in a neutral palette accentuated by touches of black in an eclectic, contemporary style.

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The wall of windows can be seen here at the far back, sheers and drapes give night-time privacy and filter harsh sunlight during the day.

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This view shows the open space floor plan with dining area, living area and staircase leading to the second floor.

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The kitchen is seen from this vantage point with its glass enclosure that opens or closes as desired.

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From the outdoor terrace, the full first floor is seen here with its linear flow of one space into another.

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The staircase is shown here leading to the second story.

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A wonderful large terrace is centered over the natural surrounding and the Fashion District.

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The bath is full of natural light as well from a large wall of windows.

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The bedroom is narrow, but its length adds to the livable space.

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A home office sits on the second floor away from the hustle and bustle of the downstairs living space.

Images via Wison Tungthunya’s Photography website for more information.

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