Star Photographer Annie Lebovitz New York Home Up for Sale

Star Photographer Annie Lebovitz New York Home Up for Sale

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Iconic photographer Annie Lebovitz recently, put her fantastic Greenwich Street, New York residence on the market. Comprised of three distinct townhouses, the luxuriously appointed home spans across 10,000 sq, ft of top-dollar real estate. It boasts three floors accessed by a dramatically curving staircase. Each of the bottom levels are fitted with living rooms and kitchens while the top level is reserved for four bedrooms and two full baths. A working studio is housed in its own townhome with the entire parlour floor dedicated to her work space. The  beautiful space Ms. Lebovitz has created is evidence of her passion for dynamic visuals and profoundly luxurious settings.

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Iconic photographer Annie Lebovitz in her New York Townhome.

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The townhome encompasses over 10,000 sq feet of living space comprised of three distinct yet adjoining townhouses

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The main living space is warm and inviting with a brightly-hued oriental rug, a richly finished baby grand piano and built-in bookshelves.

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The small kitchen but well-appointed kitchen boasts state-of-the-art appliances in stainless steel, marble countert ops and svelte modern cabinetry.

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The backyard of Ms. Lebovitz’s townhome is small yet intimate with a simple slat-wood table and chairs.

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We just couldn’t resist including these fantastical photographs shot by Annie of celebrities and models in surrealistic interior and outdoor sets for a Disney campaign.

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Former Disney darlings Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron are pictured here as Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Charming.

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See the home listing here.

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