Awesome Typewriter Assemblage Sculptures

Awesome Typewriter Assemblage Sculptures

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With a childhood fascination of old typewriters inspired by his parents Underwood #5 circa 1920, artist Jeremy Mayer has become a master typewriter assemblage sculptor. At the age of 22, Â he was given an Olivette Lettera 32 typewriter to take to the thrift shop, instead it would be the first of the vintage typewriters he would disassemble then reassemble into awe-inspiring works of art including life-size human figures, animals and insects. Nineteen years later he can still be found sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by a plethora of typewriter parts and tools. One distinct practice sets him apart from many artists; he cold assembles each and every part of his sculptures. That means no glue, no solder, no welding, no wire and not one part that is foreign to a typewriter.

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While assembling his set of beautiful swallows, Mayers discovered he could make their wings partially retract giving the appearance of being in flight.

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Among his many animal sculptures an octopus emerges from a myriad of typewriter parts including the keys he uses as legs.

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A grasshopper assembled from many casing parts comes to life in most realistic way.

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Mayer is fascinated by the way the typewriter parts he uses are the perfect blend between his childhood Erector sets and techo-Baroque drawings he first started creating.

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Perhaps the most popular of his collections is the anatomically correct, life size sculptures of humans. Here is a bust of a male in intricate detail.

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Mayer shown here assembling his ‘Nude IV (Delilah), spent 1,200 hours working on the 6’4″ woman scavenging parts from over 40 typewriters.

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