The Smallest House in Italy

The Smallest House in Italy

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This was how the house looked BEFORE the renovation.

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Although small, the kitchen has a modern stovetop, sink, and attractive cabinetry for holding dishes and other kitchen essentials.

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A dining table that can seat up to four people folds out from the wall and can easily be stowed away when not in use. Exposed brick from the original structure give the kitchen area a feeling of a cozy corner caf

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The bed folds up into a sofa with a wall-mounted television for relaxing or entertaining. Exposed beams overhead match the dark wood floors and contrast with the mostly modern fixtures and décor.

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The bathroom is small but gleaming with just enough space for comfortable showering and daily rituals.

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Though modern life seems to demand more and more space for things, Pierazzis house proves that small can be plenty.

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