Industrial Style Home Design

Industrial Style Home Design

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Exposed concrete walls, steel girder ceilings and barely-there glass floors set the scene in this industrial style home by Ukrainian architect Igor Sirotov. The utilitarian backdrop is home to some plusher looking pieces, such as a scattering of designer chairs and a soft sofa pit, which cause an interesting contrast.

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Quilted covers warm up the six dining chairs in this open plan lounge-diner, where a rustic table on heavy steel legs fits in perfectly with this stark home scene.

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In the space above the car garage and drinks cellar, two upholstered occasional chairs sit upon an impressive glass viewing floor, looking over a collection of vehicles and barrels below. The exposed concrete walls appear cold and dark, though very atmospheric.

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Huge modern doors span the entryways and exits.

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In a welcome relief to the heavy man-made industrial look, a small light well holds a lush green mini garden, where two unusual chairs soak up the softness of nature.

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In the massive living room, a relaxation area snuggles low in a pillow soft sofa pit, hiding away from chilly drafts in these shadowy surroundings. A nearby wood burning fireplace roars away in an attempt to warm the sombre scene. A large projection screen offers up a movie theater experience, whilst bifold doors hide away a flat screen television on the adjacent wall. An oversized pendant light shade has been situated to fill the expansive ceiling space with a curvaceous silhouette.

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The grassy tree filled light well appears almost as a beautiful painting amidst the gloom.

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Three simple tree stumps of differing circumference form a tri-level coffee table in the sofa pit. A home library nestles around the TV screen on in-built shelves.

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The dual level floor plan creates an interesting home layout, and allows more light from to flow through the space without being hindered by bulky living room furniture. Large glass doors open up the side of the building to the elements.

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