Environmentally Responsible Home, San Antonio

Environmentally Responsible Home, San Antonio

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The innovative Green Lantern home is the solution to an environmentally responsible challenge that was set to John Grable Architects by their client, who dreamed of a build that was sensitive to sustainability and serious about moral obligation. A balance of forward-thinking technologies teamed with traditional techniques evolved as testimony to both the architect and clients solid respect for the environment, and looks stunning to boot. Standing in one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Antonio, USA, the single-family residence was required to be sympathetic to the historic surroundings, and this is the outcome...

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The exterior of the building appears almost as a serious of pagodas, with strong protruding struts and wooden finish. These overhangs and arbors are part of a serious of passive environmentally friendly systems, included in this particular instance to reduce solar gain. A massive 67% offset is achieved in this build, thanks to photovoltaic panels, LED lighting, and rain-water and grey-water reuse. The home also had a green roof implemented, and was even sympathetically designed to re-use the existing foundation from the previous building along with its reclaimed wood.

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This carefully planned project protects a number of heritage oaks thriving across the green location.

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The airy open layout of the interior connects with its exterior surroundings via huge windows and retractable glass doors. It is through these such doors that the living room sweeps out onto the decking that surrounds the swimming pool, the established gardens and outdoor entertaining areas.

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The roof garden comes complete with a fun hot tub amongst the tree tops, accessible via a ‘party room’.

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Clean, modern silhouettes and scattered pops of warm orange decorate the interior of the home, complimenting the copper wood tone that clads the contemporary exterior.

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The floor level of this home undulates both inside and out, creating architectural interest and living spaces that take a refreshing break from the ordinary. From the entryway with it’s up-and-over bridge, to the mezzanine level overlooking the lounge, this home has attractive ups and downs throughout.

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