Isolagiorno: A Layout Ideal For Small Spaces

Isolagiorno: A Layout Ideal For Small Spaces

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In short, Isolagiorno is a pretty great idea, yet so incredibly obvious you cant help but wonder why this sort of furniture is not already commonplace in any mainstream store. For the many, many of us would like to incorporate a dining space into our modestly proportioned homes but just cant seem to shoehorn one in without resorting to annoying fold-away designs, this could be the piece of space saving furniture you have been waiting for...

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Put simply, Isolagiorno is a dual sided sofa-one side for lounging, the other side for use as a dining bench-plus a matching dining table with just enough overhang to make the whole compact dining experience entirely practical.

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The ‘bench’ has been designed to match the height of a common dining chair, to ensure that the dining experience feels completely normal and comfortable when seated.

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By removing the need for dining chairs-plus chair pull-out space-between the table and the sofa, the space required for the dining area is greatly reduced.

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The central positioning also means that the walls of the room are freed-up for other furniture such as entertainment units, bookcases and sideboards. Space for these items is often a challenge in small city apartments and lofts where entire walls are eaten up in the living space by kitchenettes and balcony doors.

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This central placement of furniture is also well suited to rooms with sloping attic ceilings, or the irregular shaped perimeters found in more historical buildings.

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The creative combo is also open to mix and matching in terms of colors, which includes a pure oak or a snow white table, and striking dark sofa fabric or soft pebble gray upholstery. Any of which would fit right in with neutral, monochrome or all out colorful home decor schemes. Though, if you’re a particularly messy eater you might want to err on the side of caution and go for the darker colored seat!

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