Three Apartments with Extra Special Lighting Schemes

Three Apartments with Extra Special Lighting Schemes

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In this article were taking a wander around three rather special apartments, produced by the creative team of designers and CG artists at Viarde. Each of these apartments have a whole host of beautiful design features that make them stand out from the crowd, but perhaps best of all is their extraordinary lighting features. So, lets take a look around this trio of apartment designs that have been filled with forward thinking illumination, and get enlightened on gorgeous home lighting!

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A bright idea: This modular ceiling light consists of Y shaped pieces that have been arranged end-to-end to create this stunning branch-like pathway over the length of this living room, spreading the glow evenly across the seating area. Around the edges of the room, recessed lighting glows from the perimeter of a dropped ceiling panel. Over in the dining area, multiple mini pendant lights are suspended over the table at varying lengths, cascading like raindrops.

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The glossy entertainment wall unit stands out with the addition of colorful LEDs at its border, giving the TV and games area a high-tech look.

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A nearby bookcase and storage unit is lit from the top, casting a hazy light down the cascading shelves and cupboard door fronts.

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Large lighting cans give a dramatic look to this contemporary bedroom scheme, providing a practical amount of light above the headboard for reading. The curtains receive a soft glow from a pelmet light.

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A letterbox light-box shines from the run of built-in wardrobes.

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A track of moveable cans creates a flexible lighting scheme over this lounge.

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Recessed lighting is neat and on point in this luxury dressing area.

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A glow around the ceiling perimeter, and mirrors edge, evokes a delicate look in this fresh bathroom.

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Dramatic rings of light echo the circular shape of this shower room.

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Floor lights create chic uplighting in the hallway.

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In the second apartment, stair lights keep things clear underfoot.

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Directional lights are perfect for an unusually shaped layout like this one.

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An oversized pendant light makes a great addition to any dining area.

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Over in the third apartment, these wooden slat room dividers are lit from above by their very own recessed light wells.

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