30 Extendable Dining Tables

30 Extendable Dining Tables

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In many homes, where floor space is limited, it is often the dining table that is the first large item of furniture to be subtracted from the scheme. Even in homes that have multiple reception rooms, the dining room is often taken over by an additional snug lounge room that can be utilized more regularly for casual dinners in front of the TV, rather than for an occasional formal gathering at a dining suite. However, a dining set still holds a huge appeal to many who value family mealtimes, and to those who just love to entertain; so what can be done to facilitate a full sized eating area when the desire is bigger than the place its meant for? Weve put together a collection of fabulously designed pull-out, pull down, extending, foldable, concealed, disguised and dual-use dining solutions to suit just about any space.

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