Hillside California Home with Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Hillside California Home with Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

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The Los Angeles-based team at Studio William Hefner create amazing architecture, intriguing interiors, and lovely landscaping. The entirety of their talents are on display in this gorgeously modern hillside home that screams of California style.

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It’s no mystery why this location was chosen with its endless views of the valley below.

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An infinity pool adds a serene glamour to the outdoor space while there is just enough grass for feeling it between your toes – even during a drought.

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The open house with its low, modern design takes full advantage of the views, making walls out of windows.

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Beautiful dark red wood ceilings bring even more luxury to this bedroom that opens up to the yard.

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Building materials are more central to the design than color with plain white walls and natural finished wood playing major roles.

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Seating spills out onto the patio for the ultimate in entertaining.

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Incorporating the homeowner’s art is the best way to add color and life.

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Simple furniture in luxurious leather is polished but not distracting from the beautiful simplicity of the home.

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Skylight let in the California sun nearly every day of the year.

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The location of the house offers privacy that the design does not.

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A simple but complete gourmet kitchen has space enough for a large group of breakfast lovers.

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A modern bathroom have windows as wall as well, but still manages plenty of mirrors.

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The contrast between these two spaces is apparent, but both are their own version of zen.

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Using cacti and stones is a good water saving method for the arid California climate.

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And of course, no California home is complete without a private driveway and plenty of parking.

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