Sleek Bedrooms with Cool, Clean Lines

Sleek Bedrooms with Cool, Clean Lines

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A bedroom is a sanctuary. It is not only a place to relax and sleep, but it should be a beautiful reminder of order and style with every new morning. The bedrooms here, all visualized by digital designer Albert Mizuno, offer unique features, tantalizing designs, and are gorgeous reminders of everything a bedroom should be.

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This modern bedroom is dominated by its two opposing features: a massive modern mural and an en suite marble bath, complete with it’s own fire. In this way it balances relaxation with stimulation (and fire).

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This next bedroom brings in some quirky design features, such as misaligned mirror squares and a foggy forest wall graphic, to create an edgy, 80s bachelor feel.

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Heading towards a more traditional design, we have this minimalist bedroom with a crisp platform bed and low, modern side tables.

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In an open, industrial-style loft, a beautiful bed is key. This simple wooden platform and matching shelving unit are the perfect solution.

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The cool greys and reflective marble floor in this bedroom keep things simple and a little bit zen.

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The ultimate in urban sophistication, no bd could compete with such a view and this one doesn’t try to.

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In another entry from the retro-modern category, we have another high rise apartment featuring a cool textured wall and its own neon art.

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The tufted headboard in this white bedroom acts as a focal point. The classical elements, like the wood paneling and gauzy drapes, make it feel a bit like a bridal suite.

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Space isn’t everything. When you have as much sun as this beautiful bedroom, you won’t miss the square footage.

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Perfectly organized and cleverly neutral, this design makes sure that the biggest splash of color here is you.

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An area rug and massive wall treatment gives this room a separate sitting area without adding a wall.

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This bedroom proves that beachy design doesn’t have to include wicker.

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A super simple platform bed and mid-century style side table give this bedroom a distinct but understated style.

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It’s difficult to discern whether the in-room fireplace or the jet engine-like overhead lamp are the most surprising elements in this chic bedroom.

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This modern bedroom is the ultimate in orderly, from its creative gallery wall to its perfectly matched table lamps.

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In another open loft design, the designer uses the concrete gray in the bedc overings and furniture to keep things a muted tone.

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A wall behind the bed offers the tiniest bit of privacy in this otherwise glass-encased bedroom.

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On the more feminine end of the spectrum is this modern answer to the sleigh bed and some decorative floral art.

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The cozy white linens and simple bed frame all but melt away in view of the spectacular pool and far away mountains.

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