Colorful Kids Room Designs with Plenty of Storage Space

Colorful Kids Room Designs with Plenty of Storage Space

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Designing a beautiful kids room can be a challenge because it must please the kids as well as the parents. On top of that, most people will not want to redecorate every year or so, which means the design should be able to grow with the child, even into his or her teenage years. These kids rooms from the Ukraine based design firm DA Design are able to take those fun, playful elements and create rooms that are simple, stylish, and ultimately comfortable for kids and adults alike.

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While it may not be revolutionary to include primary color palettes and plenty of light in a kid’s room, the designers have done so here to great effect.

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By including certain playful elements like simplified superhero art and a wooden dinosaur skeleton, the room creates a sense of whimsy without seeming immature.

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The fabric pockets attached to the side of the lofted bed are an easy way to keep things neat.

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A simplified study area leaves plenty of space for inspiration.

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Custom shelving surrounding the television is perfect for books, trinkets, or toys.

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This next room has many of the same useful features, in a more feminine color palette.

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Lovely lilac shelving leading up to a small lofted bed doubles as drawer space. The beautiful Eames armchair serves as the kid’s chair here.

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Across the room we see a sofa that can easily convert to a guest bed along with an adorable lilac vanity.

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Every possible space is used for storage from a tall closet space to easily moveable storage boxes on the floor.

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Pretty pennants hanging from the ceiling are a minimal but adorable addition.

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This third room moves back towards the shades of blue and yellow.

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The use of strands of Christmas lighting overhead is playful but also easily grows up along with the kids.

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Details like an adorable owl decal certainly make this a kid’s room, but do so in a sophisticated way.

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The study space in this room is very central, making it attractive, even for homework.

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Storage under as well as over the bed, with whimsical X and O handles is useful while still being cute.

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This final room is closer to what might be appropriate for an older child or teenager, but still with a sense of wonder.

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The green color scheme is one that’s easy to update as a child ages.

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A desk by the window is just separate enough to make it a space for study.

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The stairs that lead down into the room as well as the white brick walls give this room a grown up atmosphere.

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