5 Posh Apartment Interiors

5 Posh Apartment Interiors

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Luxury can mean many things to many different people. It is not about color schemes or specific design ideas, but a unification among disparate, beautiful elements. The apartments featured in this post are not necessarily the million dollar penthouses of Manhattan or the mansions of its Greenwich neighbor. Instead, these apartments take simplicity and elevate it to luxury with the use of soothing colors, sumptuous materials, and carefully planned design. Let these apartments serve as an inspiration for your own aspirations.

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  • Architect: Sergey Makhno
The first apartment comes from architect Sergey Makhno and uses many neutral colors to create a simple but luxurious atmosphere throughout the house. The herringbone hardwood floors serve as a foundation for a largely white and wood interior.

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A brushed metal panel in the ceiling gives an edgy dimension of industrial style to the otherwise classic design. A buttery leather sofa in creamy white is a focal element, inviting guests to sit and relax with a glass of champagne – but never pinot noir.

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The apartment also adds silver as a shiny neutral in the form of chrome light fixtures and candlesticks. That metallic sheen carries into the bedroom where a coppery duvet reflects the soft lighting.

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  • Visualizer: ArchID
The second apartment was visualized by ArchID and has an extremely open feeling, which is a commonality with many contemporary apartment designs. Rather than white and wood, this space uses gray and cream with accents of trendy banana yellow to give the main room a 60’s mod-inspired feeling.

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The exposed brick accent wall uses black brick, which is quite unique and gives the room a bit of youthful, rock n’ roll vibe that goes easily along with the stunning urban views.

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  • Designer: Iliyan Stoyanov
The third apartment from designer Iliyan Stoyanov is a bit more airy with white and gray playing off one another and bringing lights of light and space to the low-ceiling design. From silvery gray wall panels to sleek white bar stools, the overall look is quite contemporary and clean.

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Even the bedroom and bath carry this simple design theme with the use of white marble and simple gray carpeting.

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  • Designer:
Apartment four was designed by and also manages to get quite comfortable with a predominantly gray color scheme but uses unique elements to bring a posh feel. This includes the living room’s pretty dangling light fixture as well as the sling chair in the corner that screams stylish, modern luxury.

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The dining room has its own notable light fixture as well as simple built in shelving that brings personality to the space.

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  • Architect: Dervish Group
The final apartment, from the architects at Dervish Group, is a bit warmer with its colors and furniture. It uses not only pretty natural wood and splashes of a friendly yellow, but even includes an indoor garden, which literally brings life to the design.

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Every room is kept simple, but does not have the cold minimalist feel that a simple style can sometimes bring. Rather, the wood and soft fabrics keep it welcoming and inviting while still letting it emanate luxury.

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