2 Creative Apartments Featuring Whimsical Art

2 Creative Apartments Featuring Whimsical Art

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Designing a home for a creative person can be an exciting challenge. Artists, writers, and creators have their own tastes and ideas about how their homes should look and feel which can provide helpful guidance as well as welcome freedom to the designer. The two homes in this post take that creative spirit and run with it. Each includes numerous clever and whimsical nods to creativity from the art on the walls to way that light interacts with the rooms. Take a look inside these sleek apartments and get your own creative juices flowing.

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  • Architect: NORDES Design Group
  • Designer: NORDES Design Group
The first creative apartment for a creative person comes from the design and architecture team at NORDES Design Group. At first glance, the cheeky superhero painting in the living room draws the eye entirely. This boldly colored piece is allowed to stand out because so much of the color scheme is neutral gray and white.

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A home projection system is an ideal media solution in an artist’s apartment because it allows for the consumption of even more types of whimsical art – such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou as seen here – but doesn’t require a television, which can detract from the overall style of a room.

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A small kitchen and dining area use bright white and light wood to create an open and welcoming feeling. Bare bulbs with cords in primary colors are a playful addition to the space.

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The bedroom is utterly simple with a red exposed brick wall and another version of the cheeky superhero art that we saw in the main living area. Simple matched bedframe, nightstand, and desk give the room a unified feeling that has a calming effect.

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Finally, a concrete bathroom is made much more stylish with the addition of a white tile wall treatment. While still sterile and easy to clean, it has a hip vibe about it.

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  • Architect: Unikat Lab
The second apartment comes from the architects at Unikat Lab and bring a bit more color, overall, to its design. The main living space, which includes a dining table, sofa, and a small kitchen, uses varying shades of blue to create harmony while still keeping some separation between the different areas.

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Behind the dining table, we can catch a glimpse of some of this apartment’s creative whimsy. A boldly designer graphic print of a hand has an almost unfinished quality about it, which can be particularly attractive and inspiring to the creative mind. The kitchen has a similar piece, which leaves space for imagination and creation.

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A lovely mint green bathroom is instantly inviting and vibrant, much more so than a standard neutral design.

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