A Sleek, Modern Home with Indian Sensibilities and an Interior Courtyard

A Sleek, Modern Home with Indian Sensibilities and an Interior Courtyard

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In a country with a history and culture like Indias, it is always interesting to see how designers and architects bring that context into their modern efforts. The single family home featured in this post was designed by the team at Charged Voids. The residence is located in Mohali, Punjab, India, which is a region experiencing tremendous modern growth at the moment. For this reason, the house was designed to be somewhat universal in its presentation. Many of the homes featured on this blog were designed with specific occupants in mind, but this sleek and beautiful home instead acts as a blank slate for whatever modern family chooses to move in.

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Even from an initial glance at the exterior, it is easy to see the interplay of many different shapes that create a unique spatial design on the interior. The house’s many layers unfold from the ground floor, spiraling out around a central courtyard, which acts as the axis of the design.

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Because the home was not sold when building began, the architects wanted to ensure the broadest possible market for the house. This is why the design, from color scheme to building materials, is luxurious but still largely neutral. It is also why they chose to adhere to the Indian tenets of Vaastushastra, ideas which dictate building layouts, measurements, arrangements, and other architectural details. While not all Indian families adhere to these ideas, a home that does will be more likely to sell.

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There is also a strong connection to the outdoors even in the interior of the home. Beginning with the central courtyard, where a tree rises with room to grow, there are also a number of covered balconies, water features, and long glass windows that let in sunlight throughout the day.

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The particulars of the house include five bedrooms, which can be decorated in any bright and lovely way atop their sleek neutral canvases. Three bedrooms are located upstairs while two more are on the ground floor, adjacent to the common living areas. We may never know exactly how this house shapes up as it becomes a home, but we can be confident in knowing it will be built against this beautiful backdrop.

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