Bel Air Estate Made for Design Conscious Royalty

Bel Air Estate Made for Design Conscious Royalty

The neighborhood Bel Air conjures images of all kinds of luxury, but perhaps none so memorable as the Roman columns of Will Smiths house on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. But in the real world (or as real as it gets in Los Angeles) there are actually many different styles of architecture that pepper the exclusive landscape of this California enclave. Today, were going to look at one that, though it was originally built even before DJ Jazzy Jeff had taught us what parents do and do not understand, has a stunning modern look that could have been finished just yesterday. Take a look inside this amazing estate from famed architect Ted Tanaka and see if you can imagine what it would be like if your aunt and uncle actually lived here (and had a butler named Geoffrey, obviously).

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The house sits on 3.2 acres and has unobstructed views of the city, ocean, and nearby Stone Canyon Reservoir. The lush green landscape may not be native to the mountain desert, but that’s hardly of any concern to the owners of this kind of home. After all, their taxes probably pay for most of the city’s water supply anyhow.

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Sunny, lovely stone paths wind their way around the exterior of the home, providing the perfect quiet retreat from what are sure to be regular raucous parties. Catwalks around the upper levels offer the perfect vantage point for celebrity spotting. Assuming the celebrities are in the pool.

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The interior of the home, which was completely redone in 2008, is bright, open, and modern. California sunlight streams in from window stacked atop window inside the three-story space. Visitors (and residents…and butlers) are carried to all private rooms in a glass elevator that opens out into a master suite, private gym, and staff quarters.

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White dominates much of the home’s interior, making it perfect for entertaining if you are in the habit of throwing white parties. And perfect for hiring a full time cleaning person who provides her own bleach.

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Of course, no Bel Air home would be complete without the ultimate collection of modern accoutrements from a sprawling private swimming pool and spa to a personal tennis court, fit for a visit from your own personal tennis pro.

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