A Midcentury-Inspired House with a Few Fun Accents

A Midcentury-Inspired House with a Few Fun Accents

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Mad Men may be coming to an end this year, but the midcentury modern design craze is far from over. The clean lines, simple and chic designs, and cool color palettes are still absolutely of the moment as we can see in this house from HerZu Design. An upper level home with views of the city, this house includes contemporary furnishings that would be just as comfortable in Don Drapers office as they are in this 21st century apartment. Take a look inside for more stylish inspiration from the stunning wood floors to the cowhide club chair.

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The main living area unsurprisingly has an open floor plan. This choice works particularly well in this space because light from the wall of windows is able to filter in through the dining room, living room, and kitchen unobstructed. The cool gray, white and turquoise color palette is also decidedly hip and runs through the entirety of the house.

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Texture is also a major component of the design here. The slick wood flooring contrasts with the plush geometric area rug and also the soft, tufted loveseat and side chair. Different materials manage to mesh and play off one another, creating interest without feeling busy.

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Most of the personality comes from the larger furnishings and some carefully selected accessories that sit perched on tabletops and floating shelves. As far as wall mounted art, the eye is drawn to the cool marbled hanging behind the loveseat. It is subtle but sophisticated and creates its own sort of artistic force field with its swirls of color.

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Accessories in the kitchen and dining room revolve around the idea of those smooth clean lines. White molded chairs, an overly simple dining table and swivel bar stools in polished chrome sacrifice nothing when it comes to style but never detract from the bigger picture, either.

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In the bedroom, white gives way to gray, which is certainly one of the coziest colors. A soft corduroy duvet is totally dreamy.

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Finally a soft, simple corner is the perfect place to meditate and end the day with thoughts of this pretty, fashionable home.

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