Sophisticated Kiev Home Makes Creative Use of Natural Materials

Sophisticated Kiev Home Makes Creative Use of Natural Materials

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170 square meters (1829 square feet) is more than enough for a stylish and sophisticated home. This particular space, brought to us by visualizers at BIM Group, goes above and beyond in proving just that. Of special note in this home is the preference for a variety of natural materials that, while of course shaped and molded for use, are largely allowed to shine through in their basic state. From wood to marble to actual plants, the natural highlights in this home are beautiful and interesting.

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In the living room, we are immediately struck by the accent wall where the television hangs. It is a constant struggle as a designer to find places for things like a television that are so necessary (for many people) but not always so beautiful. Here, the TV is mounted to a marble wall and flanked by wood accents and growing moss. Of course, in this visualization, the reality of this construction is a bit hard to realize but the visual impact is certainly gorgeous.

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The flooring throughout the home is also worth noting. Some areas are simple stone tiles while others feature hardwood flooring in natural shades. The neutral tones make for a fresh, blank foundation to build the rest of the apartment’s design around.

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Plants and growth is another theme in this home. Hanging planters in the living room, the aforementioned wall of moss, and even potted trees bring a warm and calming natural feeling inside. In Kiev, where winter temperatures regularly dip below freezing, indoor plants can also add a bit of sunshine all year round.

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When it comes to furniture, the home places an emphasis on softness, with plush multipurpose ottoman cubes scattered throughout the space. An upholstered platform bed and creatively colorful kids sleeping nook are also touchably soft.

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In the kitchen and dining area we see splashes of yellow across the cabinetry and swivel bar stools, another way to bring summer inside during colder months. The space kitchen area isn’t huge, but a careful layout still leaves room for a spacious dining table.

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Finally, a gold tiled bath is surprisingly large and luxurious, with an emphasis on soft lighting and an enormous elevated tub. It’s a space that would be difficult to leave.

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