An Eclectic Loft Designed for Cats (and their humans)

An Eclectic Loft Designed for Cats (and their humans)

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For many of us, our pets are much more than just pets. They are really members of our family, no matter what species they are. That is certainly how one couple in Taiwan felt when they had HAO Design create a perfect loft space to accommodate not just them - but their cats. While the cats might not have had final say on color schemes or brand names, their comfort played a huge part in some of the more creative elements in this eclectic modern loft space.

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  • Designer: HAO Design
  • Photographer: Hey!Cheese
In true loft form, the main living area is completely open with easy movement from a fully outfitted modern kitchen space to a large living room and welcoming stylish entryway (complete with whimsical artwork/room divider). The polished concrete floors replaced older marble tile and give the room an instantly modern, industrial look.

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In addition to cats, the couple also collects other ephemera that is not quite so demanding. Plenty of shelving options make it easy to curate a picture perfect display.

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There are two cat-friendly features that particularly stand out in the loft. The enclosed window box is absolutely ideal for a curious cat perch. Streaming sunlight from outside makes a great lounging spot for kitty and human alike while adding an extra layer of insulation for the indoor area. The other obvious cat feature is an adorable cat door that lets the cats go in and out as they please – until it’s closed and they can be contained.

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The bedroom carries the eclectic theme with a bit more color, including lemonade yellow, pretty pink and some fun patterns on the bed linens. The warm and sunny space is perfectly welcoming, not falling prey to a colder industrial design. The final touch for storage is a spacious walk-in closet in the aforementioned lovely petal pink tones. Who could imagine a more cheerful place to get dressed.

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