A Cheerful Interior With Pink and Green Accents

A Cheerful Interior With Pink and Green Accents

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Check out this playful and cozy home with influences ranging from minimalist modern to Scandinavian organic, visualized by Jan Wadim and realized by the talented architects at PLASTERLINA. Its decorated with matte color accents in pink and green, used as an effective way to brighten a space and add emphasis to unique or important features. The result is charismatic with a touch of eclectic variety – overall this is a nice stylish home to emulate if youre looking for colorful decor ideas. This home will encourage you to use the colors you love even if they dont fit with traditional interior design themes.

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  • Architect: PLASTE[R] LINA
  • Visualizer: Jan Wadim
The home begins with an open plan living room with warm wooden walls and floors, sandwiched between bright white surfaces. Varied materials define the boundaries between each functional space and green accents provide a focal point within each area.

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Lime green features include the television niche, the kitchen cabinetry and backsplash, and a cozy knit throw blanket on the sofa.

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A verdant view from the windows completes the balance of the green elements found throughout the room. A pale pastel clock situated between the windows emphasizes this parallel.

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Hexagon wall cubbies fit right in with today’s geometric interior design trends. They’re extra useful because they’re inherently modular and offer a huge variety of arrangement options. These simple cabinets are a DIY favorite and very easy to make with the right tools on hand.

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Fuchsia accents like the throw pillow to the left are used sparingly but to great effect.

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Wooden pendant shades allow the light to penetrate to where it’s needed, while absorbing any excess light to keep the room feeling dark and cozy. These lights work equally well for an intimate dinner as they do for a relaxed game night.

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Bright white surfaces make the kitchen stand out from the rest of the open plan.

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Although the kitchen itself is very compact, the white-on-white cladding makes the space feel so much larger. The darker contrast behind the recessed countertop also works to expand the perceived depth of the workspace.

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This view reveals just how streamlined the kitchen really is. Check out the interesting effect created by the leftward black border extending to the ceiling, walls, and floor. The cabinets could have gained a few extra inches of internal storage space had the designer lined them up with its containing volume but this stunning nested effect is well worth that minor sacrifice, especially considering all the other storage options scattered throughout the room.

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What’s not to love about this simple and sweet bedroom? Wooden walls and floors are used to create a cozier atmosphere just as they were in the living area. The gray and magenta color theme is vivid but easy on the eyes.

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Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets line the far wall, with a slim gap for display of books or decoration.

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Indirect recessed lighting turns this room from minimalistic to modernist with the flip of a switch.

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Fresh and wonderful through-and-through! Natural materials offer a relaxing and down-to-earth aesthetic.

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The window frames have a nice combination of sizes to accommodate a variety of airflow options.

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Hot fuchsia cords string together this series of bare bulb pendants in the hallway.

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A full-size mirror creates an exceptionally bright and dramatic entrance.

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