A Pair Of Modern Homes With Distinctively Bright Color Themes

A Pair Of Modern Homes With Distinctively Bright Color Themes

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Some color themes are beloved classics, and others take a more adventurous approach. These two homes feature creative palettes consisting of a playful combination of bright color accents – mostly gem tones with a few lovely pastels mixed in for good measure. Dark grays and natural wood provide the neutral backdrop to help these colors stand out with energy and enthusiasm. If youve been thinking about adopting a new bold color scheme that breaks away from the ordinary, these two homes will offer plenty of inspiration. Each room has a different modern color palette so there are plenty of ideas to explore and enjoy!

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  • Architect: Ivan Yunakov
This lovely 110 square meter apartment is the work of architect Ivan Yunakov and consists of a semi-open living and kitchen arrangement with two private bedrooms accessible through the hallway. The living areas feature bright natural colors – blue, yellow, olive green, and just a hint and mauve – against a backdrop of sleek wood and light gray paint.

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While the colorful interior leans more toward eclectic than minimalistic, it does remain uncluttered by electronics and peripherals thanks to the projector and blank white wall.

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Note how the focal points in the dining room and living room use highly saturated colors while the sofa and hallway feature soft pastel tones for a more relaxing appeal.

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But the sense of contrast goes beyond just the color choices – frame and panel cabinetry add a chic touch within a space defined mostly by its sharp modern furniture.

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Extra color accents spice up the kitchen. Red and pink join the other colors to create an even more diverse theme, bringing a playful character to an otherwise all-wood kitchen design.

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Lovely organic lines and natural colors help the dining room embrace a soft and welcoming aesthetic, embodied in the live edge table. The dining chairs are by designer Hee Welling.

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Chic and relaxing – the master bedroom changes up the color palette to a more analogous theme ranging the spectrum from blue to purple to lavender. It’s charismatic but not overly “hyper”.

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Shades of brown and mocha help tie the color theme back to a more organic and natural aesthetic. Think potted cornflowers. Soft colors can do amazing things for the ambiance of a bedroom.

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Geometric themes also give this bedroom some added flavor. The cube bedframe, checkered rug, and complex modern chandelier offer a classic take on form-based design. The chandelier is from the Modo collection by Jason Miller.

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You may have noticed the glass-walled closet tucked away in the far corner in one of the previous photos of this room. Here’s a closer look! Black and white shelves allow the clothing to make its mark on the design.

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Now for the child’s bedroom – a cheerful space decorated with a mix of bright pastels with vivid yellow accents. Fun geometric themes appear in the hexagonal rug and fun wood block shelves.

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Artwork includes a collection of small white animal figures on the left with Minion toys below. Geometric artwork on the right complements the blue and yellow theme with a dash of pastel red. A pair of matching designer table lamps stretch the effect of neutral accents found throughout.

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The compact bathroom makes a dramatic impression with large patterned tiles. These colors are far more subdued than the other interior accent themes: an appropriate choice for such a small space.

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A section of robin’s egg blue brightens the space above the mirror, and the mirror itself reflects the blue from the opposite wall.

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  • Designer: Aleksandr Svyryd
Next, we’ll be examining a private house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms designed by Aleksandr Svyryd. This space takes a completely different approach to color than the previous home did – rather than utilizing widespread color throughout, this home relies primarily on neutrals to make the sparingly used accents stand out even more boldly.

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In an open living room defined by dark charcoal and grayscale tones, the dining area makes its mark with bright teal accents. The vivid colors make even more of an impact because of their scarcity within the design.

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Yellow on the inside of the lamp provides a little bit of extra contrast with the blue.

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While the kitchen remains almost entirely grayscale, a handful of highly glossy tiles reflect the blue of the dining room curtains. Transparent spice jars, potted plants, and typical kitchen supplies add their own color.

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From this view, the effect of the dining room color blocking stands out even more clearly. It’s like a bright beacon to entice and stimulate – surely a popular gathering spot when guests arrive for a chat.

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Grape and lavender seem like the most natural choice for this bedroom’s light gray palette. A single wall of dark charcoal tiles provides a focal point amongst the softer colors.

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Check out this skillful implementation of color theory! Purple, yellow, and teal come together to create a triadic split complementary theme – a very bold and engaging combination. Not everybody is brave enough to attempt a combination this exciting but this execution is perfectly inspiring.

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Classic boiserie painted with textural charcoal and white provides a sophisticated canvas for the room’s ultra-contemporary accents. Bedrooms this expressive and strategically decorated don’t come along very often.

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Both of the bathrooms take a different approach, utilizing relaxing natural themes rather than vivacious colors. Here, oxidized tiles and brushed concrete set an industrial tone.

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The other bathroom embraces an oceanic theme with a distinctive blue tub and flowing stone tiles. Dreamy!

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