A Modern Take On Soviet Minimalism In 3 Stylish Apartments

A Modern Take On Soviet Minimalism In 3 Stylish Apartments

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Iya Turabelidze of interior design company Concretica describes the styles depicted here as Soviet Minimalism. While many Westerners might be more familiar with the bold patterned wallpaper, ornamental rugs, and eclectic curio that decorated early Soviet era apartments, these homes represent a more streamlined approach that rose to prominence in the 60s when minimal modernism became the defining aesthetic of the USSR. These homes even take stylistic influence from pre-Soviet artistic movements like Constructivism and its adversary Suprematism. Art historians might find these spaces especially interesting.

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This spacious semi-studio apartment makes a bold statement through simple lines and smooth curves, especially regarding the artistic modern furniture. Although spare in terms of ornament, the living room centers on a single amazing portrait attributed to a Dutch Golden Age painter named Salomon Mesdach – its traditional style updated with a gorgeous circular form. The emphasis on geometry and simplicity definitely lends itself well to the Suprematist revival style.

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The layout is open and airy, illuminated by exceptionally tall windows. Curtains and a freestanding storage unit separate the combined living and dining area from the small bedroom to the right.

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Rather than relying on conventional pendant lighting for the dining area, this interior takes a different approach with a swiveling wall-mounted lamp by Paolo Rizzatto. The chairs are the work of Ronan Erwan Bouroullec.

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Although the living room and bedroom are paired together much like a studio, the kitchen enjoys its own space accessible through a dramatic arched doorway.

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In contrast to the warm pinks and wood tones of the living room, the kitchen enjoys a cooler greyscale aesthetic.

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A single chair fits within a perfect niche sunken into the tiled kitchen island. It may accommodate breakfast for one or, alternatively, serve as a convenient spot to peel vegetables or other stationary tasks.

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The mixed pendant lights are a fabulous way to add color – even better, the varied hues match the colors in the painting to the right, extending its impact on the room.

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Arched mirrors and paneling define the bedroom area. While this home is certainly large enough to host a completely independent bedroom, the open configuration makes the entire layout feel more spacious.

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Lacking any other form of ornamentation, the single brass nightstand offers a sense of luxury that profoundly influences the basic aesthetic of the bedroom.

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With the curtain drawn, the bedroom suddenly feels more cozy and intimate.

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Entryways are an underappreciated but infinitely important part of any home. This one combines the arched mirrors of the bedroom with the grainy tile of the kitchen, a little self-contained palette that unites the rest of the decor.

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The bathroom is perhaps the boldest room of all. Composite tiles, a light pink faucet, and vivid blue cabinetry feel vintage and contemporary all at once.

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When opened, the mirror offers a nod to the Empire Style – a direct contrast to the Suprematist minimalism that influences the rest of the home.

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Subtle decor is not the goal here. This bathroom is sure to stick with guests long after they depart.

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The layout itself is very practical. Open storage occupies a position equally accessible from the tub and the vanity, with an extra ledge near the tub to accommodate showers.

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Entering the room almost overwhelms the eye with pattern and texture, but the view from the tub is far simpler and better suited to relaxation.

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Ultra-streamlined Soviet aesthetics define this minimalist apartment style in Kiev. Concrete blocks, industrial textures, and strong red accents definitely bring to mind an aesthetic of the USSR’s past – but the updated modern interpretation would allow this home to fit within the standards of true modern industrial minimalism.

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The apartment follows a layout in the shape of a “U”, with the living room transitioning to the dining room and kitchen around a simple bend. A cozy bedroom hides within the central concrete-clad volume.

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Practical furniture allows the eye to focus on the more artistic additions, including this sculptural wall installation.

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It’s hard to find a more minimalist or compact bedroom layout than this. The bed stretches from wall to wall, the headboard and footboard containing storage.

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Gorgeous! This modern home combines a range of uniquely Soviet styles, mostly the bold color blocking of Suprematism with a dash of Empire ornament. Bold architectural features include the uniquely vaulted ceiling and the half-fan window, in addition to handy build-in storage solutions. Decor aligns with contemporary trends including the current emphasis on geometric patterns and shapes.

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Here is a great view that demonstrates the variation in the ceiling. And, because this is an interior visualization, you may have noticed the rug pattern changed – both styles suit this interior quite well.

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The kitchen is smart and compact. An island combines dining with workspace, and tall cabinetry remains accessible thanks to a sliding white ladder.

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A blend of eclectic styles gives the bedroom a wonderfully distinguished aesthetic. Ornate boiserie decorates the headboard wall, with geometric bedding and thick woven rugs bringing modernism to the material palette.

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Hiding behind the headboard wall, a luxurious dressing space terminates with a full-length mirror. Expansive storage likely conceals the resident’s wardrobe.

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Another full-length mirror allows the resident one last look before heading out for the day. This interior seems to emphasize utility at every turn.

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