Minimalist, Muted-Colour Home With Scandinavian Influences

Minimalist, Muted-Colour Home With Scandinavian Influences

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Design themes are often touted as be-alls and end-alls. Minimalist tones must be in eggshell, white and with inbuilt decorations. Scandinavian interiors mark eclecticism, where tiled walls meet light wooden floors and smooth, wide panes. This clever design visualised by Maxim Nizovkin mixes a few of your favourite design themes together. Block-colouring wows in block furniture and feature walls in muted, charcoal tones. Polished light wood clothes the dining room furniture and segue floors, creating a soft palette for a glass-walled modern fireplace. Minimalism echoes through the space, in an eerie feel holding subtle furnishing. Take a peek to see how its many themes blend together.

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The space opens to floor-to-ceiling white walls, peppered with leather block couches in the lounge. As Roman blinds wait to down, an array of rose-wooden panels create texture, designating a space for the TV. Two couches back onto one another, nestling a white mushroom lamp and extending the space into a jigsaw of couch and wooden components. A wood-stack column to the back adds a point of exclamation.

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Turning towards the left, a couple of monochrome abstract canvases catch the eye. Dominating the space beside a muted grey bookcase and low-lying roller bench, the alternate wooden lines behind draw parallels with the TV. A few simple gramophone and coral reef finds on the table below, and a striking fireplace inlet to the right, take the space steps away from minimalism.

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Hinting at a new room from the lounge, dramatic-yet-muted filigree lights hang low over the wooden dining table. As single lightbulbs flicker in their centres, two ottomans provide a view across the table and L-shaped window area. An unusual wooden ceiling takes this Scandinavian-influenced area through to the kitchen and lounge, while matte grey school chairs almost blend into the background.

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A look to the kitchen reveals a look that feels minimalist – but with striking features. A pair of large silver extractor fans hang over the island bench, opening up the kitchen. Large-format white cabinetry mirrors the floor, while a similarly-hued inlet holds a simple stack of black necessities. A couple of light-wooden stools are matched to the right by one for a toddler.

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Further on, the first bedroom is formed. Clothed in a mixture of light and dark wood, charcoal and stone, it lets in light with oblong windows from the lounge and kitchen. Two splattered abstracts headboard the sleeping space, framed in lighter wood from the dining area. As a long panel acts as two side bedroom tables, the feature wall behinds cuts geometric shapes. The opposite side holds trinkets, a TV and mirror, which elongates the space.

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Following a similar style, the second bedroom sleeps lower atop a purple rug. An abstract seascape headboards the bed, with two small square crates as bedside tables. A corrugated wooden wall acts a feature, while dark-tinted wardrobe doors add drama beside a bookshelf. Perfectly punctuated by an unusual acrylic column, LED strip and ornaments in enamel, two idea bulbs with birds atop make a plunge, adding a finishing touch.

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Lights sit above amenities in the bathroom, Scandinavian-influenced in tiny grey tiling. Separating functions with black and grey closing off the toilet, a sauna-esque wooden panel highlights the shower. A slate feature wall lined by LEDs makes a minimalist stand amidst pops of light wood, showing the minimalist and Scandinavian in the most functional of spaces.

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