3 Modern Minimalist Apartments For Young Families

3 Modern Minimalist Apartments For Young Families

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In any family, there are a lot of different personalities gathered under one roof. This means that family homes need to be versatile and functional for a variety of different reasons. Especially if it its an apartment, which tends to be smaller and a whole lot closer to other families. Family apartments need to be specially designed and well thought out. Those of us with families can understand this testament. But that doesnt mean that a family home or apartment should be spartan, dull or even ugly. There are many different ways to create a family apartment that is stylish and functional, in fact- here are three examples.

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  • Visualizer: Olia Paliychuk
The first apartment showcases the ideal minimalistic style, that is sleek, stylish and neat. The open plan living area is perfect for busy children, with no sharp corners or edges to hurt them. The space is utilized to perfection thanks to the minimal furniture, ensuring that the family isn’t hemmed in by fashionable clutter/ornaments.

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Although the walls are bare, the room is not boring at all. The different colors and elements turn the walls themselves into decorative pieces that are aesthetically pleasing.

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The dining room is a prime example of how well designed the apartment is. Everything is neat and has a place. It is easy to tidy up and difficult to mess up, perfect for children.

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Circular light fixtures add a level of depth to the room, providing a design element that fits into the minimalistic decor without looking clunky or out of place.

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To make up for the lack of a garden, the terrace is a delightful place to get some fresh air and enjoy the view. Carefully maintained plants create a little garden in an urban apartment.

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The dual study area is the perfect place for the homeowner to work, or help their child with homework.

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The seating area is good place for the family to retreat and spend some time together or for someone to retire with a good book. The swing arm wall lamp provides great focussed lighting for this as well.

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The master bedroom is acomfortable and well lit thanks to the modern bedroom lamps that make for a good place to read once all the daily duties have been taken care of.

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A contemporary chaise lounge chair allows the homeowner to relax in style after a long day and just enjoy the urban view.

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Despite the minimalistic style, this room is any little girl’s dream room. Large cartoonish toys and a pink accent wall turn this into a girl’s paradise.

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The earthy brown couch and tree stump coffee table are a few of the organic elements that warm up the living room’s design. White flowers add a subtle vintage flair to an otherwise modernized apartment.

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Designer chairs by the window provide a place for the homeowner to survey their remarkable home, or enjoy the stunning view provided by the uncovered french windows.

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Having siblings share a room can be a wonderful learning opportunity for them. And a way for the parents to conserve space.

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These siblings have a fabulous space all to themselves. A large cartoonish bean bag chair is the best place for them to relax and watch a little T.V. The unique structure of the beds are more of a jungle gym than a traditional bed. This gives their active minds chance to explore from the confines of their bedroom. A double study desk prevents issues over space for homework, and a large bookshelf gives them chance to learn and expand their imaginations.

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Low height bedrooms are a huge hit right now, and it’s not hard to see why. The bedroom is snug and stylish, the minimalist decor helping the room look bigger. A traditional wardrobe is given a unique twist thanks to the frosted glass door.

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A series of colored beanbags are an innovative to add comfort and style to the room. Clay pots add an element of culture to the fashionable room.

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The bed is the most important part of the bedroom- it’s in the name! A raised platform showcases the bed, making it the focal point of the room and highlights it’s comfort. A lovely pot plant graces the corner, lighting up the whole room.

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The master bedroom is incredibly chic. Whit a monochromatic color scheme interspersed with warm wooden elements. The light fixture is a unique and interesting piece that draws the attention. The bathroom boasts his-and-hers-amenities and a sleek design.

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The shower end of the bathroom is incredibly sumptuous, with modern fixtures and an engaging accent wall that leaves no doubt as to the organic theme.

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  • Visualizer: Irina ArtPartner
The third apartment is the smallest, but provides the most inspiration for minimalistic and space saving tips. It proves that small apartments are just as upscale as it’s larger counterparts.

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Wooden panels work with the grey color scheme to create a light and airy space. The built in bookcase adds the necessary level of sophistication without taking up too much floor space.

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A coffee table with a marble top is incredibly chic, while the thin legs give an unobstructed view of the floor, providing the illusion of more floor space. A modern kitchen island provides the necessary dining space without the room feeling as though it’s missing something.

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A study area is nestled behind a corner, giving the homeowner space to work and essential privacy despite the limited space.

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A raw white brick wall gives the illusion of space, while wooden beams on the ceiling warms up the entire hallway. A clever designer filled the space with a comfortable bench that doubles as a shoe rack. A mirror on the cupboard allows the homeowner one last look at their outfit before leaving, and maybe even reminds them to retrieve their coat from within the cupboard.

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A rock climbing wall is an ingenious accent wall that any boy will love, while a mattress that’s included into the decor is designed to appease any anxious mother. A great way to save space is to build a wardrobe into a bunk bed, leaving the top bunk for the child’s bed, while the bottom half serves as their wardrobe.

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A large grey couch is the ideal place for the tired youngster to relax, but the energetic graphic and wide variety of activities that the room offers ensures that he’ll be back on his feet in no time.

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An ample study area makes sure that there is never an excuse for him to not do homework.

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Simple is always stylish, and this master bedroom proves that. It is a masterful blend of minimalist style and pure comfort.

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The bedroom boasts a state-of-the-art entertainment system, so that the homeowner can choose to have a lazy day without leaving their bed!

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A bright blue chair hints at the existence of a private study area for when the homeowner has to bring work home and needs a quiet, private place.

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The main bathroom uses the age old trick of saving space by using personal items as decor. And, as always, it works. The designer managed this trick without having to clutter the counter space. The snug bathrobe adding a level of comfort to the bathroom that works with the wooden panels.

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The marbled tiles work well with the frosted glass and large mirror to create a clean and contemporary aesthetic, while the wooden counter and wedge softens the facade and prevents it from looking too harsh.

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