Charming Townhouse for a Young Couple

Charming Townhouse for a Young Couple

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Do you remember your first home with your significant other? No doubt that cosy start-up place holds a special place in your heart. But it probably didnt look like this. This two-storey townhouse boasts stunning design and luxurious furnishings, the home is as stunning is it as enviable. Enjoy wonderful features and unique design, all thanks to the expertise of designer Elena Lapshina. The townhouse is a sensational mix of class and sophistication. When taking a look through this gallery, youll no doubt feel the faint strains of nostalgia while making several notes for your own home. Take the tour and feel inspired, and bookmark your favorite ideas!

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We start our tour on the bottom floor of this timeless townhouse. The bottom floor boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen-dining area that leads onto a terrace, a stylish living area and grand entrance.

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The living room is tastefully decorated with modish art works and patterns. The different patterns add a subtle level of depth to the room. A large ornamental horse makes a most interesting lamp.

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The living area is incredibly luxurious thanks to the designer furniture. The room is delightfully light and fresh due to the large uncovered windows and double height living room.

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Stacked wood under the T.V screen adds a unique twist on an organic element. A geometric lamp is a fashionable element that ties into the stately decor.

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Ordinary houseplants would never fit into this sumptuous house. The designer decided to plant delicate bonsai trees instead, and we must say- it works!

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The stairs are an architectural masterpiece, and placing them so close to the kitchen was a stroke of genius. The matching color palettes unify the area and complements the state-of-the-art appliances.

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The opulent dining area reflects the design of the rest of the house. The table and chairs contrast in colors, but their design is stylishly similar.

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The house’s architecture is a work of art in itself. The lines and structure a design feature all on their own.

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The lush greenery of the bonsai trees and bright yellow of the lemons brighten up the whole room and add a necessary splash of color. The lemons can be exchanged according to the season, ensuring an ever changing ornament.

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We now make our way up the stairs. On our way to the second floor, we’re treated with a unique stair railing that makes you feel safe, and is fashionably unique.

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On the second floor, we find a second living area that is a diverse relaxing area. You can retire with your favorite book, play the piano or just enjoy the luxurious surroundings.

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What luxury townhouse is complete without a grand piano? This house posses a dazzling white piano.

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A carefully crafted accent wall doubles as a design feature for the upstairs living room and for the stairs. It also serves as a cosy reading spot for the homeowner.

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This living room focuses more on comfort, with the soft carpets, snug designer couches and comforting throw blankets. It doesn’t cut back on the style though, intricate ornaments adorn the room, making for a lavish space.

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Glass panels add dimension to the room and indicate that the top floor is for the exclusive use of the homeowners.

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While playing the piano, you’re treated to the glorious view of the manicured forest type garden outside… what could be better?

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The sublime master bedroom is the epitome of comfort and opulence. The trendy monochromatic color scheme is utilized to perfection while the bed is the picture of warmth and contentment.

  • 18 |
The fashionable young couple can enjoy the entire top floor as their master bedroom, they can even enjoy the view from the comfort of their own bed!

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Arguably the most luxurious room in the townhouse, the bathroom sports LED lighting, his-and-hers amenities and glass panels.

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The shower is large and spacious, a lovely place to relax and spoil oneself.

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