Interior Design Around Walnut Wood Finishes: 3 Great Examples

Interior Design Around Walnut Wood Finishes: 3 Great Examples

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Walnut is a hardwood with a rich and inviting tone, and can range in shades from mellow to dramatic. It has long been a popular choice for flooring. It’s also prolifically used as a style of veneer over kitchen cabinets, which can be either matte and understated or luxuriously glossy. Walnut is highly versatile and increasingly used not just for floors and furniture but as interior wall cladding too. We’ve sourced three beautiful modern homes that are abundant in walnut finish, which also demonstrate how this warming wood tone can be complemented by other room decor. Let’s explore walnut friendly upholstery and paint colours and carefully considered lighting schemes.

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  • Visualizer: Andrey Kabanov
First up is a 140 square metre apartment that uses wide panels to create walnut accent walls. The rich dark tone is extremely striking and has been balanced out with a generous amount of white space around the rest of the room. A mid-grey sectional sofa sits in front of the wall, teamed with a gold floor lamp. The precious looking metal adds a lovely warmth to the setup. A peppering of black accents complement the weighty wood tone.

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The interior doors of this home are of a matching dark walnut tone to the wall panelling.

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A large wall clock add interest to a pale expanse that spans the upper half of an entertainment wall. Beneath this is a light grey marbled section that backs a black wall-mounted console unit.

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The window blinds and curtains are a deep bottle green, and these are matched by a throw pillow on the sofa and various plants and flower foliage around the open plan living scheme. This natural tone works beautifully with the earthy walnut.

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The flooring here appears to be a lighter walnut heartwood. The light floor keeps the home looking spacious and airy despite having large areas of deep brown over walls and a large walnut dining room table.

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Six beige chairs with dark legs surround the long dining table. Over in the kitchen, flat fronted handle-free walnut cabinets hold an integrated mirror finish oven. The reflective surface works beautifully against the woodgrain.

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Base cabinets, kitchen sink and countertops are black in contrast.

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The opposite wall is a soft and relaxing shade of grey.

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A home office continues the quiet grey palette across walls, desk and a stylish ergonomic chair. We find a pop of green brought through from the living room scheme here too.

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One more green cushion is resident in a sitting nook in the hallway. The nook is completely covered in dark walnut, making it stand out from surrounding white cupboards.

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A floor to ceiling mirror adds light and sparkle behind a small white console.

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The bathroom scheme is predominantly charcoal grey marble tiles, paired with softer grey.

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An espresso coloured heated towel rail echoes a walnut door.

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The cloakroom pulls from the same look book as the master bathroom.

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  • Visualizer: Hilight
Wonderful walnut infused home number two is a predominantly white scene with just a sprinkling of black to keep things sharp and anchored.

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The accent colour in this home is a bold teal, seen here in the area rug beneath the monochrome modular sofa and oversized white floor lamps.

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All of the walnut in this open plan has been applied across only one side of the room.

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The wood cladding encompasses two separate volumes.

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The volume on the left hold a fireplace on one side, and continues around to form part of the kitchen.

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A chunky white dining table sits below a white dining room light.

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The wooden volume to the right is the hallway. A built-in seat and a cool lighting scheme make this a truly bespoke space.

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A new colour is introduced in the games room. Three deep red bean bags sit ready and waiting in position.

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A set of bookshelves behind make this a reading area too.

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Up in the attic space there is a home office decorated in teal and white.

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The bed is upholstered in charcoal grey.

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In the bathroom, soft lighting illuminates the perimeters.

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Light lifts the edges of a textured wall.

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  • Visualizer: KK Architects
Our last walnut rich interior is lifted by the introduction of mossy green, like this velvety sofa.

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Beige curtains work well with the warmth of the walnut feature wall.

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White cabinets lift the look of walnut in a kitchen, as does a clever LED lighting scheme.

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Adjacent pale concrete gives walnut an edgy look.

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The black cut-through design across the kitchen is echoed by an installation of black shelving.

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Perimeter lighting showcases natural woodgrain.

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The bed in here repeats the mossy look of the sofa out in the lounge.

  • 38 |
A gold planter adds a fun yet sophisticated feature, as well as a touch of visually warmth. The plant itself adds a little colour and life.

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The bathroom is a pale, clean scheme with no dark walnut present at all. Though the soft lighting around the mirrors over the vanity does provide continuity with the rest of the apartment.

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A second bedroom introduces a splash of red, via a large piece of artwork. The vibrant tone gives a much needed blast of heat to pale grey and white decor.

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