Small Modern Apartment Design With Asian And Scandinavian Influences

Small Modern Apartment Design With Asian And Scandinavian Influences

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Home style influences from Scandinavia and Asia meld wonderfully together as they have the same relaxing and serene ideal in mind. The simplicity of this mix works in homes of all sizes but is a particularly great choice if you have a modestly sized place. The small footprint of the home will benefit from the feeling of balance and calm that this interior style brings in its smooth textures, crisp geometrics, cohesive colour palettes, neat statement lighting, natural accents and quirky accessories. Take a look through these five inspirational small modern apartment designs for ideas on how to bring a little Asian and Scandinavian aesthetic into your space.

  • 1 |
  • Visualizer: Ngoc Nguyen
In our first apartment we are immediately grabbed by the presence of contemporary pattern on the wall. These bold yet neat elements are teamed with natural wooden furniture, like the crate coffee table, side unit and wall shelves. The wooden arm sofa has an Asian flavour but is Scandi in its scatter cushions. There is botanical feel in this living room, not just in the living indoorplants but in some framed artwork too. This brings the garden that can be seen through glass doors right inside the home.

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A calming blue-grey colour has been selected as an accent, used on one scatter cushion, one door of the entertainment console, two small pendant lights and just the central island and lower cabinets of the kitchen.

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A botanical theme continues in the bedroom, with wall art and live potted plants. The bedcovers have a muted green stripe to tie in with nature’s palette.

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The bed and entertainment console match the warm tone of the floor. The unit is topped with a grey tray style surface that complements the woodtone beautifully.

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The child’s room sees a splash of colour in striking geometric pattern. Monochrome prints on the wall shelves keep the fun scheme cohesive.

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A gallery adds interest to a plain wall.

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The soft neutral palette helps the small space appear more spacious.

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Quirky owl decor decorates one end of a floating console. The unit becomes a single bookshelf at one end, and both are backed by a light reflective black finish. Glossy surfaces are an ideal way to bring darker colours into a small space as light reflections prevent base notes from appearing too dominant in the room.

  • 11 |
Gold dining pendant lights sing in a grey scheme. The backdrop to the dining room is a selection of grey, black and white tiles set in geometric formation. The large pattern tricks the eye into reading this as a bigger space than it actually is. Speaking of geometries, see how the base of the dining table matches that of the modern coffee table in the living.

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A white and grey kitchen matches the neighbouring living room.

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Good storage is key in a home with Scandinavian and Asian style, to maintain a calm and tidy space. This bank of storage cupboards has an LED strip light running through a display shelf to showcase a dainty collection of prints and vases.

  • 16 |
A closet has glass doors to display an organised capsule wardrobe.

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  • Visualizer: Ngoc Nguyen
A refreshing splash of aqua awaits in our third home design. Most of the furniture in the room is pure white, like the Scandinavian sofa, coffee tables and floor lamp.

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The duo of scandinavian style nesting coffee tables step the eye up and out to the view beyond the windowpane.

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Crisp monochrome accessories pepper the shelves. A lovely wall mounted shelf has an unusual return in its shape, where a small library of books can be stood upright and clear of the main display.

  • 20 |
Three different colours of chair stand at the dining table.

  • 21 |
A huge ceiling light anchors the eating area to its spot.

  • 22 |
White kitchen wall cabinets and black base units are parted by an aqua coloured backsplash.

  • 23 |
A rustic wood block feature wall balances out bold modern geometric pendant lights and strong accents.

  • 24 |
A comprehensive study area completes the bedroom.

  • 25 |
  • Visualizer: Phúc Nguyễn
Our fourth home is pretty in pastels.

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Furniture and accessories have been kept minimal to allow the tiny space to breathe, but the sweet hues add personality.

  • 27 |
Wooden legs on the kitchen stools tie in with accent wall cubbies.

  • 28 |
Powder blue returns in the bedroom, covering the wardrobe doors and desk drawer fronts.

  • 29 |
The desk is floating design to maximise floor space. The desk chair is a slimline design that could be utilised anywhere in the apartment.

  • 30 |
  • Visualizer: Hung Le
Our fifth and last home design is a vision of light teal, amber and grey.

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The home incorporates a myriad of pendant light designs. Each are very different but all work together thanks to similarly sized shades and neutral colours.

  • 33 |
A slatted partition wall segments the space without closing it in or blocking out light.

  • 34 |
Banquet seating surrounds two sides of a modern dining table. Additional seating comes in the form of dining chairs with a cheerful dipped paint effect. A simple potted plant and a modern fruit bowl make up the table centrepiece.

  • 36 |
The kitchen is zoned with a gorgeous patterned tile.

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