Fitted Furniture Ideas For The Entire Home

Fitted Furniture Ideas For The Entire Home

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Bespoke flush fitted furniture ideas abound in two urban chic interiors, both designed by INX Design Guan Pin, using wood grain and monochrome finishes. A modern homeowner can find it an increasing challenge as to where to stow away all of the excess: A multitude of hobby accessories and obligatory working from home equipment to hold on to, plus an ever growing wardrobe to follow changing fashion trends can soon stack up. See how to implement stylish and effective storage solutions around the entire home, and how to dress the rest of a room to complement and flow with these useful installations for a sophisticated and seamless look.

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This room looks packed with furniture but there are actually few freestanding elements: A set of coffee tables and side tables, a floor lamp, one single accent chair and a mid century modern sofa, which seems to be this. Everything else in the room is fit flush with the walls.

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Because all freestanding and fitted furniture follow the same colour finishes here, the decor scheme maintains a chic sleek look. Each piece runs on from the next without pause, which makes the storage solutions appear as part of the walls themselves. This approach allows a room to be layered without appearing overly cluttered.

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The top ‘layer’ of furniture is kept light. The mid century modern sofa stands on slender legs rather than a solid base, the coffee tables are glass. The side tables and floor lamp, which is the Adesso Atlas Tall Floor Lamp, each have elegant stands to allow the line of sight to pass straight on through.

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Although the settee and small chair do not provide a lot of seating options, a long window seat offers extra room should the need arise. The wooden window seat also holds a great amount of storage space under hinged lids.

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A couple of bird figurines are perched around the room, subliminally adding to a light and airy feeling.

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An abundance of natural light makes a window seat a perfect reading nook.

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Plain window blinds match slab fronted top cupboards.

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Tall cupboards are flanked with wood for a sleek finish, which is matched by the curvaceous wooden frame of the chair. Get a close match to this beautiful accent chair here.

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The tv wall decor includes a row of display cubbies, which have been fitted with glass doors to keep dust off treasured items. Further along the same wall, a sliding door reveals a bank of kitchen equipment.

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The tallest of two coffee tables presents a raised spot for setting down a pitcher and glasses by the sofa. Behind the sofa, shelves are double banked to provide ample opportunity for displays either behind glass or within easy access.

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A glossy floor reflects the natural light from the windows. Two flatweave area rugs have been doubled up to create extra interest and extra comfort in the lounge.

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The opposite face of the side volume is hallway storage cabinets.

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A slender mirror creates an optical illusion – and a place to check appearance before making an exit.

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Opportunely placed greenery threads energy through the grey, black, white and rich wood interior.

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Wooden accent walls wrap the bedroom. Bed clothes are plain white with a smart grey runner to add crispness within the natural surrounds. A small teal accent cushion adds a single note of colour.

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A decorative vase on the bedside, and some smaller additions housed in a slender shelving unit, provide further crisp white accents against the heaviness of the wooden wall.

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This second home interior detracts from an abundance of storage units by implementing splashes of colour.

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Orange scatter cushions on a grey sofa complement copper lighting and the warmth of neighbouring wood tone.

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The TV feature wall is a menagerie of storage spaces.

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White gloss units flank the left side of the sofa, along with a slate backed wall of shelving.

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Nesting coffee tables sit atop some layered area rugs.

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The copper globe pendant lights run the length of a dining area in the open plan living room. Dining chairs are situated at only one half of a long table, with a table runner decoratively strewn over the free end.

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The wooden units that begin as the TV feature wall, continue across the entire length of the spacious open plan room.

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A white glossy floor and plain white walls are counterbalanced by heavy grey window drapes that help to visually section the length of the room.

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Other than the dining pendant lights and a floor reading lamp in the lounge, the rest of the lighting scheme is made up with recessed spotlights to keep the look streamlined.

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A desk is situated behind the dining area, seated on a grey rug island. Behind the home study area, a wall has been lined with gloss white cupboards and a selection of wooden shelving.

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A sliding gloss grey door screens off part of the storage unit.

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Grey slate backs a narrow shelving unit, mirroring the almost identical design on the opposite side of the room.

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Small drawers are disguised among the shelves, behind a large indoor plant.

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Lighting below a volume of hallway storage creates a floating effect.

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Sliding doors section a bedroom from a dressing room.

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Yellow accents brighten monochrome bedroom decor.

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Extra storage is created as part of a headboard feature wall.

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A shelf cuts through the middle of the headboard wall units to provide a spot for photographs and books.

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