Modern Eclectic Apartment in a Historical Host Building

Modern Eclectic Apartment in a Historical Host Building

Located in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, a 180 square meter apartment in a remarkable architectural monument was designed for a young male by the 2B Group. To preserve the heritage of the host building, it was decided that original brickwork and ceiling beams would be revealed in the final finish. White panels were installed around the first-floor perimeter, with raw bricks covering the rest of the climb to generously high ceilings. WIthout partitions, the ground floor is an open plan space were the lounge trickles into a kitchen/dining room. Upstairs, a master bedroom with an attached home office, ensuite bathroom, and a walk-in closet reside, plus a laundry room, a guest bedroom and another bathroom.

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In the open plan dining space opposite the kitchen, a grey modern sofa blends in with a backdrop of grey units. White wall panels span the space above them in a sleek modern look – before rustic original brickwork is revealed in the upper third.

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Large patterned rugs bring colour to the scheme.

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Indoor plants feather the corner of the room. One of the white wall panels acts as a projector screen in place of a television.

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A traditionally ornate fireplace occupies the opposite corner, accessorised with a pair of classic candlesticks.

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Windows stand in a trio of arches along one wall, with a radiator set flush inside the first and a window seat built into the third at the turn of the staircase.

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Engineers and designers endeavored to complete the complicated staircase design and its railing as a geometrically accurate structure.

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Dining table pendant lighting, in an industrial exposed bulb style, shines over the tabletop and wine glasses.

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Modern art brings colour to the dining spot, from the top of the grey built-in sideboard.

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The trio of arched windows repeats in the kitchen-diner that has an additional lounge, bathing the social spot in natural light.

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As well as the formal dining area, there is a breakfast bar attached to the grey and white kitchen for a more casual dining opportunity.

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The wall units and bar extend over the edge of the wall, creating a floating effect. Two wood seat kitchen stools bring a new warmer tone to the kitchen arrangement. You would think this is a simple one wall kitchen with a peninsula…

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… But there is some extra space behind. White units wrap around a recessed corner.

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A combination of wood flooring and raw concrete floors make up the interior.

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Not one skylight but two open up the roof above the staircase. Modern directional ceiling lights illuminate the stairwell by night.

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Inspiring artwork injects added colour into the inky decor scheme of the landing.

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The upstairs of the apartment is built into a mansard roof, so sloping walls presented an opportunity to create hidden storage behind panels that run perpendicular to the floor.

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Light wood wall panels over the headboard wall lighten the look of dark bedroom decor. A modern platform bed extends from the expanse of wood. Concealed supports make the bed base look as though it is defying gravity. A set of globe bedside lamps rest on a low level shelf that runs beneath the bedhead.

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An indoor plant and abstract artwork decorate the master bedroom.

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A concrete floor and concrete walls keep the look young and contemporary.

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A modern home office is attached to the master bedroom space, a necessity for any young professional. A cantilevered wooden desk design protrudes from one of the window arches. Dark storage cabinets are camouflaged against a wall of the same colour.

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A black anglepoise floor lamp lights the bedside in the guest bedroom. The neat wooden bedside table you see here is the bedside table you see here is the Muuto Around table. A patterned area rug brightens the interior with its vibrant orange trim.

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The second bathroom in the home also has industrial style concrete walls, but this time with a wood laminate floor.

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A black basin with a matching faucet and black framed mirror contrast against a wooden vanity unit. Black shower fixtures complete a walk-in shower design.

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On the plans we can see how the home office is situated within the same space as the bedroom, without a partition wall. We can also see the generous walk-in closet built behind the headboard wall in the master bedroom. The second drawing in this set of plans clarifies the unconventional layouts of the main living spaces, including the ‘one-wall’ kitchen arrangement that actually wraps around an additional recessed corner.

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The staircase and railing is a complicated and unique design.

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The snug living room and the kitchen-diner (with additional lounge space) flow together as one continuous floor plan, without any solid walls. The balcony extends the full width of the kitchen diner space, with two different seating areas.

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