Feature Rich Decor In Family Friendly Apartment

Feature Rich Decor In Family Friendly Apartment

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Forget going minimalist and check out this apartment interior with 124 square metres of feature rich decor, designed and visualised by ZARYSY. The Polish home, located in the Poznań Area, is a concoction of modern furniture designs, cool lighting and eye-catching decor. There is also a plethora of built-in bookcases and book shelving ideas awaiting inside, plus home office solutions and an inspirational kid’s study. A unique fireplace installation dominates the large open plan living space, which is nestled at the centre of a split chimney breast to make it viewable from both ends of the room. Botanical art prints, indoor plants and deep green accents give the home its colour, alongside golden honey-coloured wood tone.

  • 1 |
A large sectional sofa wraps the modern living room, with a modern accent chair taking up the corner. The low slung sofa allows maximum views to sweep in from panoramic windows. Deep green scatter cushions contrast against the light fabric seating but match with the shades in botanical wall art.

  • 2 |
The centre of the lounge is home to a black metal coffee table with a wood slab surface. The table is set on top of a stylish diamond pattern area rug.

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A black 3-arm ceiling lamp stretches across the ceiling of the living room. More black base notes are brought into the scheme by an anglepoise floor lamp, a long media unit, and the door frames of built-in bookcases. The dominating split chimney breast design effectively divides the lounge from a formal dining room at the other end of the room, which has a kitchen to its left and a reading nook to the right. The dining room can be seen from the lounge through the central window in the modern fireplace installation.

  • 4 |
A small wall clock is mounted above a narrow shelf behind the sofa. The wooden shelf holds a few current books close to hand.

  • 5 |
The reading nook is a cosy spot with dark walls and heavy curtains.

  • 6 |
A comfortable reading chair sits by a sideboard in the window, to take advantage of the natural light. A built-in window seat provides another light spot in which to lounge with a book. A wall light, desk lamp and floor reading lamp are on hand to illuminate the pages on dull days and dark nights. There is also a strip of LED lights around the window pelmet to brighten the look of the dressed windows.

  • 7 |
A couple of grey pouffes are settled on the quiet, carpeted floor of the reading nook. The low seats are handy for when perusing the lower shelves of the bookcase, or for when the kids want to come hang out. A tall indoor plant softens the corner of the room that adjoins the reading nook to the lounge and kitchen diner.

  • 8 |
Moving through into the kitchen diner, we find that the back of the fireplace walls are actually storage cabinets on this side. The flames of the modern fireplace dance in line with a six seat dining set.

  • 9 |
Green dining chairs carry the colour story through, along with a gathering of leafy indoor plants. The wooden legs of the chairs are complemented by a solid wood table top.

  • 11 |
A striking monochrome rug holds the dining arrangement as a separate island beside the kitchen.

  • 12 |
The one wall kitchen has an unusual extrusion of light wood drawer units that is set within a frame of darker cabinets.

  • 13 |
The blonde wood drawer set and countertop are one continuous entity, which protrude inches beyond the other units. The difference in depth gives the centre section an interesting floating effect.

  • 14 |
Bedroom bookshelves tower at each side of an upholstered headboard in the master bedroom. Wall sconces stretch across the stacks to provide reading light over the pillows.

  • 15 |
Grey bedroom walls, green plants and blonde wood match the theme of the main living spaces.

  • 16 |
The platform bed has integrated bedside units, which extend across the base of the bookcases at each side.

  • 17 |
The bed and bedside units are lit from underneath to create a lightweight floating illusion.

  • 18 |
Inside the bathroom, a glass shower screen is delivered with the exact same black framing as the bookcases in the living room.

  • 19 |
Wood flooring and wall panelling colour the bathroom in golden tones.

  • 20 |
A grey vanity unit is wall mounted to keep the floor looking spacious.

  • 21 |
A toiletries niche inside the shower cubicle is backed in grey to match the vanity area.

  • 22 |
The kid’s room is a stand alone space with a royal blue and acid yellow colour palette. Yellow Swiss crosses are scattered across a blue ceiling like a constellation of stars in the night sky. Glazed doors lead outside to a patio area.

  • 23 |
The kid’s decor contains some wooden elements too, in the shape of a bookcase and a framed out doorway that marks the divide between the relaxation zone and a kid’s study area.

  • 24 |
A swing has been suspended in the doorway to the kid’s study, as a place for relaxation or contemplation.

  • 25 |
The office shelving system is mounted on a slatted wall.

  • 26 |
From the study point of view we can see a house mural on the wall of the adjoining room, with the Swiss crosses pluming out of a chimney stack like smoke.

  • 29 |
The desk holds a chic anglepoise lamp. For more pieces like this, take a look at these unique table lamps.

  • 30 |
A door leads off the main living room to a dark hallway of mirrors. A thin LED stripe adds to the reflected illusion.

  • 31 |
More mirrors trick the eye at the other end, where they reflect a floor of geometric tile, and a wall of hallway storage and bench seating.

  • 32 |
The mirrors line the wall all the way to the front door. Three white wall sconces are mounted to the glass.

  • 33 |
The mirrors visually double the width of the hallway, and give the illusion of twice the storage.

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