A Small Industrial Apartment With A Home Office Blue Decor

A Small Industrial Apartment With A Home Office  Blue Decor

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A small apartment created with both function and style in mind. While designing this home Designer Visualizer, Logovo, aimed to create a calm atmosphere that would radiate coziness and warmth. No easy feat considering that the home owners loved concrete, a finish notoriously known for having a more cold, industrial aesthetic. You will see that Logovo not only succeeded in their vision, but also completely embraced concrete by making it one of the main materials used for the walls. A bold design choice that when combined with warm wood accents, white panels, and cool blues make this apartment into a modern dream home!

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Entering the living room we get a sense of the natural warmth this home emanates. The wood accents seen throughout the design are largely responsible for this vibe and are used frequently throughout this set up to soften the overall aesthetic.

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The artwork you see here is a cropped version of artist Paul Bailey’s Storm. With how well the color palette of the canvas matches this room, it feels like it was made for this space! If you love Bailey’s work as much as we do, be sure to checkout more of his work on Etsy.

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The large couch in this room helps add a splash of color, while offering up an ultra-comfortable seating option. Paired with the ambiance provided by the modern chandelier hanging above, this design effortlessly merges edgy and elegant.

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The addition of the oversized throw blanket on the couch gives this corner of the living room an extra cozy feel. Adding a stylish throw to any seating is an easy home staging technique that can make a room feel extra inviting.

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In this home’s layout, the living room has been left open to an eat-in kitchen. While many designs might of carried the same wood flooring throughout, this one elevates this spaces’ visual charm by integrating hexagonal tiles. Not only does this design choice divide the two rooms slightly, but the way the two floors connect is absolutely captivating.

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A concrete accent wall is fitted with a unique bookshelf. Since to owner’s of this apartment love concrete, you will notice that it is the main material used on the walls throughout the home.

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The TV wall features plenty of storage to keep clutter at bay. Shelves throughout this home have minimal decor, so everything had to be chosen carefully. Pieces like this rhino are great because it stands out without overpowering its surroundings.

  • 8 |
With the motifs, textures, and decor present here, you really get a feel for the home’s youthful vibe. The designers said that it was purposefully designed to be a calm atmosphere of coziness, naturalness, and warmth.

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Proof that humor and elegance can coincide in design. It looks like this Seletti Monkey Lamp is ready for a snack!

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There are so many lighting options in this room, including back lighting on the TV wall and the floor lamp. This array of options means that a flick of a switch can take this space from energizing to relaxing or vice versa.

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A live edge wood, kitchen island has been fitted with multiple modern dining chairs to create a unique dining space. This table in particular infuses this area of the home with an earthy aura.

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A view from above that gives us a closer look at the dining table that has been expertly decorated with a fruit bowl, teapot and cups.

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A peek into the kitchen and we see that the grey, hexagonal floor tiles have been carried up on to the backsplash. Considering how small this space is, this was a great design choice to ensure that the kitchen doesn’t feel overly busy.

  • 15 |
Small and mighty, this L-shaped kitchen with its island has everything one could possibly need. To contrast the intricate pattern of the flooring, simple cupboards and counters have been used.

  • 16 |
A little bit of supper prep in action and a closer look at the backsplash.

  • 17 |
The entrance may be small, but it has all the necessities, including a full length mirror and stylish recessed shelving.

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More concrete in the bedroom being illuminated by expansive windows and designer table lamps, specifically the IC T1 low table lamp and IC T1 high table lamp. A mix of heavy and sheer curtains are used in here, not unlike the living room. This allows an abundance or daylight to filter in during the day, but also provides privacy at night.

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The glossy white end tables in this room add a bit of refinement to the mix. They are quite the contrast to the more rough and raw textures seen throughout this bedroom.

  • 20 |
A black and white canvas painting is offset to the left of the bed and radiates an asymmetrical charm. An unusual design choice that perfectly highlights the rustic platform bed chosen for this modern, industrial space.

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No industrial style bedroom would be complete without a few metal accents. This room takes a more refined approach and incorporates a black metal TV console. The perfect piece to stand out against the grey concrete wall.

  • 22 |
An oblong, oval mirror graces the concrete wall in this corner. Mirrors are a wonderful add-in for darker colored rooms like this one. They can help make the space feel adequately illuminated and more expansive.

  • 23 |
The grey and dramatic black bedding in this bedroom create a stylish and comfortable retreat that is begging for a lazy Sunday.

  • 24 |
Live edge wood has been used to create a one-of-a-kind sliding doors for the walk-in closet. A unique and eye-catching door choice.

  • 25 |
Inside the closet we find a brick accent wall and multiple built-ins to store and hang clothing.

  • 26 |
The sun room off of the living room creates the optimal environment for indoor plants to thrive. The owners have taken full advantage of this and staged a few pots on top of some industrial drawers.

  • 27 |
Once again we find raw wood, this time as a live edge side table with stylish hairpin legs. This room was clearly designed with rest and relation in mind and this intimate setup undoubtedly achieves that goal.

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A concrete bathroom is made cozier with a back lit mirror, a patterned throw rug, and a wooden, floating vanity top.

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Patterned tiles in multiple shades of grey have been used to accent the tub and surround. In lieu of a traditional towel rack, this bathroom has been fitted with a rustic ladder.

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On the other side of this bathroom we find a simple sink and a round vanity mirror. We can also see that the laundry appliances have been integrated in to this room. Putting the laundry facilities in the bathroom is a fantastic option for homes with limited space like this one.

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The cute dog artwork perched above the muted teal couch is by the talented Sally Muir. The style of the couch and throw rug in this home office is very reminiscent of the ones that we saw earlier in the living room.

  • 32 |
Subtle storage cupboards and built-in shelving allows for ample storage in this office. Multiple storage options is an absolute must for homes that are looking to embrace a minimalist approach. This home itself is not quite minimalist, but it is described as having “saturated minimalism”.

  • 33 |
The cool tones used throughout this office and home in general can be held responsible for its calming aura. We especially love the muted green-ish blue in this room, mainly the stylish desk chair.

  • 34 |
Someone must be a fan of the dark side! Earlier we spotted a storm trooper on the desk and now we see Darth Vader perched on the shelf. Star Wars decor or any franchise decor can be difficult to execute without the space looking juvenile, but this home office does it with ease and class.

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The floor plan for this cozy loft. This apartment had minimal space, but every inch was expertly designed to create a home with both flow, function, and high style!

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